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H I T Z - B I T Z

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B L O N D E - M O M E N T S

we've all had them, but it's more fun to make fun of HITZ having them.

"Australia is a beautiful city." ~ Taylor
hmm, and where might that city be, Taylor?
"Sorry, I am such a twat - pardon my french." ~fan
"Oh, cool, you speak french?" ~ Taylor
this reminds me of guys who don't listen to people but they listen for key words that they can respond with..apparently, Taylor hasn't perfected this quite yet.
"People call me ProZac because I'm crazy, and that's a medicine for crazy people!" ~ Zac
Zac!! that must have lost you dozens of fans...Prozac is a depression medicine, honey!
"I like amusing my friends, myself.." ~ Isaac
"But mostly himself," ~ Taylor
oh no, another one of those "key word" incidents.
"Hey, Isaac! How old are you now?" ~ interviewer
"Oh, fine, thanks!" ~ Isaac
now Isaac is doing the Taylor "key word" thing!
if anyone would please help me submit more of these, you can email me at . Thanks!



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