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Everybody's A Critic

Have you been wondering what people think of Hanson? Yes, I know it's been tugging at your brain for years, and you've just been DYING to here goes.

Matt LeBlanc (when asked : "If Hanson asked you to be in a video of theirs, would you?") - "Hanson? I wouldn't do it. I ran into them at The Tonight Show one time and I thought they were rude little bastards. There was a bunch of girls that had snuck backstage to get their autographs and one of them, I think it was the oldest one, was really mean to the girls. I'm not impressed with them at all - they're not my cup of tea."
this saddens me. i like Matt LeBlanc...
Steven Jenkins: "I hate it when people say Hanson sucks... Hanson does NOT suck. They proved that at the Grammy's they can rock.. face it people, bow down to Hanson, they rock and will be around a lot longer than most!"
Michell Kwan (pro. ice skater): "I met them, they're really cute, especially the baby one."
Jim Carrey: "I want to adopt the little Hanson brother!"
oh, don't we all!
Eminem: "Hanson?! Why would I hate Hanson? They're the only band around with REAL music!"
I think this one is SO awesome, because Eminem disses everyone, but he likes Hanson. thats so cool.
Emma Bunton (Baby Spice lol): "I don't like Hanson. They're brats doing little things in a big world. They wont last all that long."
Well, think about it, this is coming from a spice girl...
Dominique Moceanu (olympic gymnast) : "I think their music is great, but I could never imagine them doing gymnastics. Especially the little one. He's hilarious. Maybe Taylor I could imagine doing gymnastics, but not the other two. It just cracks me up imagining it! Otherwise that......they're GREAT!"
thats funny, because I was just thinking that I could have imagined Zac doing gymnastics because he was always so hyper in 97!
Tia and Tamera Mowry (from Sister, Sister) : "They're so adorable!" (Tia) "They're the cutest!" (Tamera).
ha, of course they are!
Rosie O'Donnel: "Those kids in Hanson are so talented and cute. Someone should get them a sitcom."
hey, I'd watch it!
Jennifer Love Hewitt: "I love Hanson. I really like MMMBop. I know all the words!"
Gee, tough song to memorize, huh, Jen?
Michelle Branch: "They write really great, hooky songs and I'm hoping that people will be able to see they aren't brothers that sing "MMMBop" anymore and they don't all have long, blonde hair anymore, and they actually look like guys instead of girls. People need to give them more credit because they really make phenomenal records. I genuinely love the guys, and I wanna help them out in any way I can."
Yellowcard: "Their harmonies are so amazing!"
Adam Duritz from Counting Crows: "I like the new Hanson record too. There are some good songs on it. There are some really good songs on it. I hear this acoustic tour they've been on is killer too. Wish I'd seen it."
more coming soon!



::from the middle of nowhere, to the top of the charts::