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Latest News

I think the title of this is pretty self - explanatory.

- Strong Enough To Break: The Documentary
There is no word yet about the release of the much awaited documentary, although there have been many rumors floating through the air about it! Ashley Greyson has confirmed that it will definitely be worth the wait. You can watch the trailer here: .
- Tour Dates
March 8th : Mexico City, Mexico : Salon 21
March 10th : Sao Paulo : Tombrasil
March 12th : Curitibia : Jockey Club
March 13th : Rio De Janeiro, Brazil : Claro Hall
March 16th : Lima Peru : Vertice Del Mueso De La Nacion Teatro Gran Rex
March 18th : Buenos Aires, Argentina : Teatro Gran Rex
March 22nd : Dublin, Ireland : Ambassador's Theatre
March 24th: Glasglow, UK : Carling Academy
March 25th : Manchester, UK : Academy
March 27th : London, UK : Astoria
March 28th : Birmingham, UK : Carling Academy
March 30th : Paris, France : Grand Rex
More Coming Soon!
- Are the rumors true?
For months now, people have been asking themselves (and others!) the same question: is Natalie pregnant again? The answer is almost confirmed, but not completely. In an interview not too long ago, Taylor was asked this nagging question, to which he replied, "That is not for me to announce to the world." We can't be for sure...but what do you think?
Underneath Acoustic Live - do you own it yet? If not, go out and buy it immediately! It is definitely worth the mere $10.00. Just ask yourself one question...are you listening?
- Kate and Nikki
Yes, sad but true, I'm sure most of you know about Zac's relationship with Kate, and also Ike's with Nikki. Infact, I'm sure all of you know. For more info, please refer to .



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