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Fan Fiction

good ol' hanson fiction. heres some i recommend:

Imprisoned: my story! its basically about zac, and he's having a hard time with kate...i don't want to spoil any of the shocking surprises so...go ahead and read it! i'm told its pretty good.
The Quiet One: I can't bring myself to finish this one...but I'm getting there! I take a long time to read these things. But from what I've read, its really, really good. I definitely recommend it.
Catapult: I have only read the first few chapters of this, but everyone I talk to says it is soo good. Personally, I think it jumps around too much. In one chapter, they're one place, doing one thing, the next chapter, its completely different people talking! But I do admit, it is INCREDIBLE writing.
Not Every Smile Reaches His Lips: I haven't actually gotten around to reading this, but it looks to be pretty good. Many have referred it to me.
Zac Says Tay Still Wets The Bed: I haven't actually read this one, either, but I hear it's very funny. Also recommended by many.
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