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H I T Z - B I T Z

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* all famous people deal with it...being quoted on every word they say - hey, am i the only one that remembers a song just now? *

Zac Quotes
- They should be called man groups, not boy bands, because they're not boys and they're not bands.
- Peace, love, and bulletproof marshmallows.
- When I fall in love, I will wear knee pads so that I won't hurt my knees when I drop to them to propose.
- I can burp and say stuff at the same time.
- What you hear is a copy of a copy of a copy recorded off the Internet, put on a bad tape, and then recorded to another tape.
- I'm not that great of a drummer but everyone says I can I'll take their word for it. (as you should, zac!)
- I've had this job since I was 6!

Taylor Quotes
- We fight over things like who has the TV remote control, and it's usually Zac. No one messes with him, or he'll go crazy!
- Were just here to play music and have fun doing it, so criticize us all you want.
- There's this weird fact that if you drop a penny off the Empire State Building, you could kill someone...but I'm worried, cuz I dropped a nickel.
- We don't actually have any fans; we hired all these people! (yeah, I've been meaning to ask you for a raise, Tay...)
- Girls are very inspirational. It was meant to be that way.
- Bands don't lose their hearing because of music, more like because of the audience!
Isaac Quotes
- Love is alot like a guitar. The music may stop now and then, but the strings remain forever. (and...what about when they snap?)
- The cool thing about England is that they actually speak English.
- Let's see [because of home schooling], I missed out on getting dumped by about 10 million girls, getting beat up by bullies and peer pressure.
- I'm a romantic fool, I always end up getting hurt.
- Hey, girls invented rock n roll!
- Alot of our songs are about girls we knew, they just don't know it!


more coming soon!

::from the middle of nowhere, to the top of the charts::