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I m p r i s o n e d

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Chapter 1


That familiar sound of the alarm

clock woke me

up yet again. I sighed, and for a


actually considered just going

back to sleep.

“ZAC! You up yet?!” I could hear

Ike scream.

“Yea, I’m getting there.”

“Well hurry it up! We

gotta be on the

plane in an hour!” Tay

 yelled back.

I didn’t even

know Taylor

was here yet. What time was it?

 Ezra started to wail. I gave up.

 I had to get up sometime.

I slipped on some jeans and

my “Jesus Loves Drummers”

shirt. Sometimes I wish I would

have gone for a normal lifestyle.

Don’t get me wrong. Being in

 a band with my two brothers

 is great, I couldn’t ask for

 anything better. But sometimes

 it gets real tiring. Sometimes

 I want a day off from it all,

you know? It’s a little worse

when we’re on tour. No matter

how much I love music, there

will always be days when I

could go without performing it.

“ZAC!!” Ike was obviously not in

a good mood this morning.

“Hi, there.” A voice whispered.

I was startled. I hadn’t even heard

anyone come in.

“Hey Kate…uh, you coming with us?”

“Sure am.” We’d been dating for

over 3 years and…well, I was

starting to have second

 thoughts about staying with her.

She wanted to get married but I

just wasn’t sure if she was ‘the one’.

“Zac?” she asked, one of those

puppy dog looks on her face.


“I love you,”

I froze. I know this sounds weird but,

 in 3 years, that was the first time

she’d ever said that to me.

“Uh…yeah, I, I know…” I managed

to get out. Man, I couldn’t even

bring myself to say ‘I love you’ to

my own girlfriend of THREE YEARS!

How bad of a boyfriend was I? Her

smile faded and she opened the

door and slammed it shut. Shit.

I went after her but Tay stopped me.

“What did you do now?”

“Nothing, I just, she, I don’t wanna

 talk about it alright?”

“Listen, you better straighten it

 out with her, or you’re gonna

lose her.” He reminded me

 for the 100th time.

“Yeah, yeah, I know! I just…I

don’t know, ok?” Ike walked

 over to where we were talking.
”You guys ready?” he asked

impatiently. He wasn’t looking

so good. I couldn’t figure out

if he was sick or upset. Well,

he must have read my mind

because he smiled some sad

excuse for a smile.

“I’m fine. Really.” he said,

punching me in the arm.

Just by saying that he convinced

 me of the opposite.

“Let’s head out,” Tay ordered.

He took care of all our luggage

on a big rolling cart, like the

ones in hotels, Natalie picked

up Ezra, and we all slumped

sleepily out, one after another.

When we got outside there

were hundreds of fans waiting

for us. Camera flashes went off

everywhere, and the earsplitting

screams could have been heard

 for miles.


 one fan screamed at the top of her

 lungs. Oh, god. Some fans really get

 on my nerves, to tell you the truth. She

 really wants to have my kids? I’ve

 never said a word to the chick

 and already she wants to sleep

 with me. Its fans like that that

 make me want to retire early. There

 are plenty of good fans, though,

 and I do love my fans, I really do.

 It’s just, if they want to meet me so

 bad, why do they not say a word

 when they finally do? It doesn’t

make sense.

“Zac, come on, get a move on.”

 Natalie said from behind me.

“Oh, yeah, sorry.” What was

with me today? I couldn’t seem

 to keep from drifting off into

my thoughts. We finally got into

 the bus and watched all the

screaming girls disappear.

Kate came to sit by me, but I

 really wasn’t in the mood. I

threw on my headphones with

 “Underneath” playing. She

moved away, not looking

happy at all. I wonder if it

bothers Ike that I date her. It bothers

 me that I do that to him. When

 she cheated on him, I hated

her. I don’t know how it all happened.

 We just kinda ended up together.

 Ike had his head in his hands,

and Taylor and Natalie were

cooing Ezra. It must be nice

to be so young and not have

 a care in the world.