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I m p r i s o n e d

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Chapter 10


Back up at the hotel room, we all got into

our flannel pants and white shirts and laid

back to watch some TV. Natalie joined us.

She and Taylor had decided that Tay would

stay with her, as she didn’t favor being alone.

So that meant Ike and I both had a bed to

ourselves. Of course, that hadn’t been a

problem for me, because it was Taylor and

Isaac who were going to have shared. I

was known to not only snore and sleepwalk,

 but also to flop all over the bed spontaneously.

 Something I’m proud of, as it gets me my

own bed on every trip. There didn’t seem to

 be much on TV, but Tay had stopped on

the news and selected “subtitles” and “English”.

 Not much new, the same old stuff that

always seemed to be on the news. Someone

 murdered someone, someone stole a

car, same old stuff. To me, hearing that

same stuff happen over and over was the

 bore of a lifetime. But my brothers didn’t

share that quality of thinking with me. They

seemed to enjoy it, and were impressed

each and every time. I mean really,

if someone stole a car every five seconds,

Taylor would be fainting and Ike gasping for

 the rest of their lives. But not me. No, I got

tired of it fast.

“I’m gonna go out to the vending machine,

 you guys want anything?” I called out from

 the bathroom where I stood, brushing my

teeth. Hmm, maybe I should have gone to

the vending machine before I did that. Oh,

well. I could always brush them again.

“Yeah, get me a Snickers,” Natalie answered.

“Nothing here,” Taylor seemed like he never

 ate. Maybe that’s why he was so skinny. Not

 that I was fat, as so many like to comment.

Just…bulky. Besides, what fun was it if you’d

 never pig out with the guys?

“What about you, Ike?”

“I’m good,” he shouted back. So once again

 I made my way out of the room, closing the

 door more silently this time. Thankfully, the

 vending machine was just down the hall.

This was especially good, because I was in

 flannel pants. Hey, there were comfy. I

popped in the quarters and pressed a couple

 numbers. Within seconds I had a Snickers

and a bag of Cheeto’s in my hands. I

opened our room door and snapped it

back shut, tossing Nat her candy bar.

“So, what’s on TV?” I plopped down on

my bed and stared at the television. “Ugh,

 you guys are still watching the news?”

“Alright, alright! We’ll change it!” Taylor

sighed, flipping through the channels.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

“I got it,” Ike volunteered, skipping on over.

“Is there a Zachary Hanson here?” a man’s

 voice asked. I figured there was a fan

connected to this in some way.

“Yeah, that’s me,” I said through a mouthful

of chips. The man nodded and handed me

 a bouquet of flowers. That was strange…I

 didn’t remember having any reason to

receive flowers. That’s when I noticed the