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I m p r i s o n e d

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Chapter 11


Oh, shit. The flowers were from Kate. Well that

 was fast. It only took her two hours. I opened

up the card. It read:



I’ll never give up until you take me back. I’m

staying in another hotel. I will not lose you without

 a fight.

Love Always,



Great. When was she going to understand that

 I just didn’t want her in my life any longer?

I couldn’t put up with her.

“Good God, she really likes you, Zac. I think

you’re stuck!” Ike chuckled. I glared at him.

“Tell me how you find this funny?! I’ve got a

 psycho chick chasing after me for the rest

 of my life!” I screamed. He stared hard at me.

“Hey, calm down, it was a joke Zac,” Taylor

 cut in. I breathed out. When was this

nightmare going to end? I’d gone through

 more in this one day than I had in my

entire life. Kate was the biggest mistake

 I’d ever made. And now, I was trapped

 with her. It was obvious she wasn’t ready

 to just accept this breakup.

“Zac,” Natalie spoke up, interrupting my

 thoughts. “If you want her off your back,

 you can’t just ignore her. It just doesn’t

 work like that.”

“Gee, thanks, that’s a big help.” I snapped.

 She turned back to the TV.

“If you want my advice Zac, just call her up,

 see if you can meet someplace, and straighten

 things out.” Ike suggested. That sounded

like a good idea. I picked up my cell phone

 and flicked it on.

“20 missed calls?!” I gasped. What?! That

 was impossible! I also had 5 new voicemails.

 I checked the list. Kate, Kate, Kate, Kate…

they were all from Kate! I dialed my voicemail

and listened. They all said the exact same

thing. “I know you’re just not picking up the

phone, but fine. Meet me tonight at

midnight in the lobby of your hotel.” The

clock read 11:57. Perfect timing.

“Gotta run,” I called as I ran out of the room.

I threw myself into an elevator and paced

around until it reached the lobby. As soon as

I got there, I saw her, right there, sipping hot


“Zac!” she yelped, nearly dumping her cup.

She jumped up to hug me but I refused.

“Come on,” I ordered. “We’re going upstairs!”

She was crying and explaining all the way


“Kate! Get a hold of yourself!” I shouted as

soon as we reached Natalie’s empty room.

She sniffled, looking at me.

“You came to take me back?” she asked.

I just looked at her.

“Are you kidding me?!” I screamed. “After

all you did, after a couple phone calls and

flowers, you really think everything is just fixed?!

What is wrong with you?!” I couldn’t help

myself, I was so outraged. She fell on the

floor, crying her eyes out. Looking up at me,

she had black streaks all up and down her

cheeks. I threw my head back.

“Zac,” she choked, “I know you still love me…

we just have some things to work out! Please,

 just give me a chance!”

“You ruined that chance, Kate! You ruined

 it with your stupid fake pregnancy and

trickery marriage! I don’t want to be with

you! Please, just accept that!”

She cried and cried, tears falling so fast it

was as if her eyes were Niagara Falls. I sighed.

“Kate, I’m sorry but…it’s over, and you’re

just not gonna change my mind. It’s not

happening anymore. I can’t take it!” I

explained, tears forming in my own eyes.

I was trying so hard to keep from ripping my

hair out. My teeth grinded like crazy. Kate

fell on the floor, screaming in anger; but nothing

I could understand.

“There’s other fish in the sea, Kate…” I started.

 She looked at me, nearly her whole face

 covered in running mascara.

“I really do love you, Zac…” she managed

 to get out. “But if this is what you want,

than this is what you want. I promise, this

time, I’ll really leave.” And I watched her

walk out the door and out of my life forever.