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I m p r i s o n e d

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Chapter 13


At the hospital, I couldn’t even bring myself

 to sit. I paced around the room, sweat racing

 past my cheeks. Ike was pale as a ghost,

 and there were dark rings underneath his

eyes. It was 1:30 in the morning, and we still

hadn’t heard anything. Natalie sat crying,

 praying to God that Taylor would be alright.

That was what we all should have been doing,

 but I couldn’t. I was too nervous. Somehow I

just knew someone would come out and say

 he couldn’t be saved. I could just see it happen

in my mind, and I replayed it over and over

again, while still wondering what had even

caused this to happen with Taylor. Nothing

else mattered now. All I cared about was that

he was alright.

“Zac, will you sit down already?!” Ike begged.

He was a wreck, and I thought how selfish I had

been that day. Why hadn’t I gotten out of him

what was wrong? Even when he smiled, I could

see it in his eyes that he was crying inside. I sat

down in the chair next to him and looked up

at the wall, trying to blink back tears. The sign

on the wall read, ‘Family Waiting Room –

Please Turn Off All Cell Phones, Thank You.’

Sighing, I prepared to try to get things out of

Ike once more.

“Ike…” I started, “What’s going on with you

today? Is something wrong?” He looked at

me. His drooping eyes were bloodshot and

his whole face said a thousand words. Now I

was sure that something was wrong...something

was really wrong. Ike sighed.

“You know that girl, back in Vegas, that I was out

with all night?” he asked. It took me a second,

but I remembered. He’d been with some girl and

they stayed out all night. When Ike finally came

 back, he had the headache of the century

and had no idea what had gone on in the

past 8 hours.

“Yeah, I remember…what of it, you gonna see

her again?” I tried to imagine why he would

have brought this girl up; I didn’t even remember

her name.

“Well…” Ike heaved, “The thing is…that night

when we stayed out, I had a few too many

drinks…and it turns out, that I ended up…

marrying her.” My eyes got as wide as two

grapefruits, and I just stared, hoping he was

joking again like he had earlier. But by the

look he was giving me, I realized it was the

truth this time.

“She called me yesterday, told me all about it.

At first I didn’t wanna believe her, but she had

her proof, she’d videotaped everything. I

went and watched it this morning before I

woke you up.” Ike spilled, his eyes looking

like rivers from all the tears he’d been holding

back. I tried to understand all that had

happened that day, but it was incredibly

hard to comprehend.

“Well, I thought you liked her? Maybe this

isn’t so bad…” I reassured him. I couldn’t believe

that all day long he’d been keeping this from

me. We always told each other everything.

He still looked upset.

“She’s filing for enollment…” Ike finally admitted.

 My mouth dropped open, and I tried my best

to keep it shut. I wanted to scream, but that

was definitely something I couldn’t do this late.

Or should I say, this early. That bitch of a

woman, how could she do this? An enollment…

please! She just wanted to put it all behind

her and pretend it had never happened. And

all this time, she hadn’t even bothered to let

Ike know about the wedding! That had been

over two years ago! And besides all that, Ike

had really, really liked her. I patted him on the

back, trying to find something comforting to


“I know you liked her, Ike…I’m so sorry,” I choked.

 “She doesn’t know what she’s missing…she’ll be

 sorry.” Ike looked at the floor, then back at me.

“Thanks…” he whispered. This was all too much.

Just then, Tay’s doctor walked out of those

two double doors. Oh, no. Just like I’d imagined.

I closed my eyes and braced myself for the worst.



by the way, you may have been confused by the word " enollment ", probably because i have no idea how it is spelled, but an enollment is like a divorce, but you get this paper that says the marriage never happened. they are hard to get, but you can get one if you were drunk when you got married.