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I m p r i s o n e d

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Chapter 14


I opened my eyes and said a quick silent prayer.
"You're brother's fine," the doctor finally announced. I could have choked him for waiting so long. He'd scared the hell out of me.
"I'm just going to need you to sign some papers, and he'll have to stay here for the night." the doctor looked as worn out as I felt.
"I'll stay and sign them, guys, you go get some rest," Natalie suggested. I shrugged and followed Ike into the elevator and then outside into the cold night's air. Ike took long strides as I ran to keep up.
"Hey, slow down! What's your hurry?" I yelled after him. As he looked back at me, I caught a glimpse of light on his face, realizing that he was crying. Ugh, I'd had just about enough of that for the day. I pat him on the back, wondering what I could possibly say to him that would help. Well, nothing, probably. So, that's exactly what I said. Nothing. When we finally reached the hotel, Ike headed up to the room while I went to fetch a can of pop from the vending machine. I popped in four quarters and pressed the Dr. Pepper button, waiting. Nothing happened. I banged on the machine, then kicked it. Nothing. It ate my money. That's when I noticed a big sign on it that read "Out Of Order!!" I looked around, hoping nobody was up and had seen me make an idiot of myself. Nope, lobby was clear. I sighed and hopped into the elevator. When it reached my floor I practically ran to the hotel room door, struggling to get the key in to open it. I felt like I was about to collapse onto the floor and fall right to sleep. Finally, I got the door open and walked in. Ike was on the phone. I hate to eavesdrop, but he had his back to me and didn't know I was there.
"Yes, I know but - don't you want to just give this a shot? No, no! Please, Heather, it's not like that! No, it wasn't a one night stand! You're the one who never called me. Yes, I know you did yesterday. Yes, I know - Heather, you don't understand. I don't want to be apart, I want to see you again! Please I just - what? Oh...I see...I have to go, I'll...I'll call you later or something." He slammed down the phone and lay back onto the bed, sighing.
"So, that was her name...Heather." I said quietly. Ike sat straight up and wheeled around, surprised.
"Don't do that to me!" he gasped. Laughing, I sat next to him.
"So...what happened, what did she say?" I wondered. Ike sighed again and closed his eyes.
"There's another guy..." he answered, holding his breath. I stood up. Why did it seem like girls were always hurting him? He was like the perfect guy, he always did anything for the girl he wanted to be with. But they never seemed to want him quite that same way. Why, I had no idea. Sometimes I even wished I could be like him, and treat girls the way I really desired to. Yet I still treated them in a way that made me hurt them and myself both.
"We're gonna work through this," I told Ike, "We always do, we always do..." Ike looked at me, straight into my eyes. He had the most honest look on his face.
"She's marrying this new guy...but she can't until I sign the papers saying we were never married...just pretending it never even happened, after all the things I told her..." Ike appeared to be in shock.
"You need some rest, let's get some sleep. We'll talk about this tomorrow. Sleep on it, see how you feel in the morning." I suggested, and with that, I flicked out the light and cuddled up under the covers, slipping off my jeans in the process. Tomorrow was going to be was going to be hard. Little did I know, today was just the beginning.



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