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I m p r i s o n e d

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Chapter 15


I could faintly hear the soft ring of the hotel phone. There was a shuffle and Ike's voice came in clear as day.
"Yeah?" he moaned. I couldn't help but notice what a wreck he sounded like. As I opened my eyes, I realized he looked just as bad as he had sounded.
"Alright, give us five minutes...we'll be right down," Ike hung up the phone and looked at me.
"Get up," he ordered, "We're going out for breakfast." I forced myself out of bed and slid on some fresh jeans. Oh, shit. We hadn't even unpacked last night. I whipped open my suitcase and searched around for a shirt. Finally I decided on a green "Lettuce Entertain You" shirt and then threw my shoes on, running into the bathroom at the same time. Now that's what I call multitasking. I rushed to brush my teeth, tousled my hair a bit, and walked back out into the room.
"Let's go," I called to Ike. He looked up and nodded, following me out. The door clicked shut behind us as we strutted into the elevator. When it arrived at the lobby, I saw Tay standing there with Ezra in his arms and Natalie at his side. We headed out the door in search for a cafe`. It didn't take long before we shuffled into the doors of "Anneli's Cafe`" and found ourselves a table. After ordering our drinks, Tay got up to go to the bathroom. All eyes fell on Natalie.
"What?" she whispered, her voice shaking. I raised my eyebrows.
"Come on, spill! What's going on with Taylor?" I finally asked. She sighed, bouncing Ezra on her knee.
"He went through respiratory arrest..." she breathed, "I have to take him back to the hospital after this. The doctor said its serious...he said he needs immediate medical attention." I couldn't move. Millions of possibilites ran through my mind. Hospital, emergency - even death. I couldn't bare to think of that. I stood up and rushed to the bathroom, tears making their way out of my eyes. I wiped them away as quickly as they came, breathing furiously. I passed Taylor on my way, but I couldn't bring myself to look at him. I just whipped open the door labeled "MEN'S" and sat down on the sink. Letting the cool water run through my hands, I patted my face with it, trying to calm down. That's when Ike walked in.
"Hey..." he whispered real soft. I stared back at him and we just sat there for a moment. Finally he spoke again.
"There's something I left out last night..." he announced. My eyebrows raised once again.
"What is it?" I wanted to know. How could their possibly be more to his story? I felt bad enough for him already.
"Heather has a kid..." Ike sighed. I looked at him. God, who was gonna get knocked up next?
"This new he the dad?" I guessed aloud. Ike shook his head.
"'s mine," he sighed once more, "The new guy...he wants to adopt it. He wants to adopt my little girl and apparently, she's convinced that he's her dad...I didn't even know she existed! Why didn't I just call her Zac?! Just pick up the phone and call her? But no! I didn't!" He gasped for air as he threw back his head. Oh, no. I couldn't take this a little more than 24 hours, every aspect of my life had flipped upside down. What was going to happen now?



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