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I m p r i s o n e d

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Chapter 18


Natalie could hardly keep up as I bolted for room 316. I could hear her begging me to slow down, but I couldn't stop myself. When I finally reached the room I saw an older, probably middle-aged man in a long white coat headed for the same door. I guessed that he was most likely Dr. Gradhorn. Giving him a quizzical look, I slipped into the room, only to see the most horrifying image I could ever have imagined. I had expected to see Taylor lying there, possibly asleep. But what I saw would keep me awake for weeks. The hospital bed rattled on the floor as I helplessly watched Taylor shake violently. His eyes were rolled back into his head and he seemed to be looking at me with white eyes. I closed my eyes, crumpling to the floor. I just knew my heart was going to beat itself out of my chest. The doctor rushed around, tying and strapping taylor to the eye blinding-ly white bed. Just then, Natalie popped in the door. I watched as her eyes grew wider than two quarters, which was surprising as Natalie had quite small eyes. She started to shake herself. Nothing could have prepared me for that moment. I just stared as my brother jolted around, strapped to the bed like an insane man. That was how I had felt these past couple of days; insane. Every time I turned around something worse was coming my way. It was kind of like an Indiana Jones movie, only instead of people trying to kill me physically, they'd been trying to drive me mental. Suddenly, a blonde nurse with spiked hair pushed past me, interrupting my thoughts. She looked at me coldly and I could feel her eyes judging me.
"Are you crazy?! You can't be in here! You need to leave and now!" She barked. My head jolted backward and I gave her a weird look. I slowly walked out, wondering if she could see the tear stains on my cheeks, and also if it was possible for your eyes to run out of tears. If it was possible, I was definitely running low. Isaac and Natalie followed, and Natalie nearly collapsed on the floor. I caught her with one arm.
"It's ok..." I comforted her. "Everything's gonna be fine." As soon as the words came out of my mouth, my mind was thinking the opposite.