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I m p r i s o n e d

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Chapter 2

I felt a tap on my shoulder.

“Zac, wake up. We’re here.”

I couldn’t comprehend right

away where I was at.

“What? We’re where?” I opened

 my eyes groggily. Kate’s eyes

 were staring back at mine.

She seemed to be trying so hard.

 I knew she could tell something

 was up with me. But her being

in my face wasn’t helping her

situation at all.

“The airport! Where did you think?

 Come on, get up, we gotta get on

 the plane.” She helped me up

and I followed her outside. The

 sun shown bright in my eyes and

 I could hardly keep them open.

 I wished I could close my ears

as well, because once again,

there were countless screaming

 fans waiting for my brothers

and I. But there were less this

time, that was for sure. It was

nice to get into the airport, where

 my eyes didn’t feel like they

were burning out of my head.

A couple dozen fans had gotten

 into there, though, too.

“Oh my gosh, there they are!”

 I could hear one of them gasp.

“Zac!! Can I have your autograph?

 Oh and a picture? Well, a couple?”

 another asked me.

“Uhh, yeah, sure...” I said, still half


She squealed with delight and handed

 me a pink pad of paper and a

pink pen. Gee, I wonder if she liked

 pink at all. I jotted my signature

down and wrote:


“Thanks for sticking with the music.

See you at one of the concerts, hopefully.

 Are you listening?”


It was corny but, I thought it was

the least I could do to make it sound

 as personal as possible. She grabbed

 her camera and snapped 3 or 4

pictures, blinding my eyes yet again.

 Then she and her friend came with

 their arms around me and snapped

 another round of pictures.

“Ok, well uh, I have to go now…

you guys be good and uh, keep

listening to the music, k?” What the

 hell was that? I must have been

real tired if that was the best I could

 come up with to say to a fan. They

 screamed again and ran off, probably

 to develop their film as fast as possible.

I know it sounds like I don’t like my fans,

 but I really do love them. Its just,

after so many, it gets to be a routine

 thing and at times it was a little

annoying, especially when I was

 in a bad mood or tired as hell.

“Zac, over here, we got everything

 in order. Let’s go.” Kate called.

I had so much on my mind I thought

 it was all going to fall out of my

ears. I followed them onto the

plane and sat by the window. I

was thankful when Ike sat next to

 me before Kate had the chance.

When she got to where we were,

though, she looked a little hurt.

“Ike, do you mind if –“

“Actually, Kate, uh I gotta talk to Ike,

so…maybe on the bus or something?”

She looked at me for a minute, then

took an empty seat a couple rows back.

“Zac, if this is about the what

happened between me and Kate,

 I’m over it. Really. I’ve moved on.”

 Ike was looking at me concerned.

“Believe me, Ike, it’s definitely not

that.” I sighed and lay back, closing

 my eyes. But there was no way I

could get to sleep. All around me,

voices were buzzing.

“Taylor, for god sakes, where did

you put the diaper bag?”

“Isaac, can you put your seat up?”

“Zac, can we talk?” My heart

skipped a beat. I’d heard those

words before. And nothing good

ever followed them. Even if something

 was going on between me and

Kate, I didn’t want to start something.

“Uh, yeah…what’s up?” I asked,

my eyes still closed. My head was

 spinning at a million miles a minute

 and I had the migraine of 20 men.

“Um, do you think we could, you

 know, get some privacy?” I opened

 my eyes and Kate was staring at

me with that hopeful look again.

I threw myself up and led her to

the bathroom in the back.

“Zac…I have to tell you something….”

 I could tell something was wrong by

 the way her voice quivered when

she talked. She refused looking me

 in the eye.

She continued, “I…I’m…pregnant.”

 For that moment, the world stop

turning. I looked at her, trying to

decide what to say. But I couldn’t

 speak. I just sat there like an idiot,

 staring at her open mouthed.

Tears began scrambling down

her cheeks like wildfire, and before

 I knew it, she was on the floor,

crying as hard as she knew how.

“It’s…it’s ok, Kate…we’ll work this

 out…” I couldn’t even begin to

find the words to comfort her.

Hot tears sprung to my eyes. What

 was going to happen now? I couldn’t

 leave her with my child…everything

 began to spin and my eyes went dark.