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I m p r i s o n e d

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Chapter 20


"Mrs. Hanson, your husband has been moved to room 324. You may see him now." Dr. Gradhorn was staring into our faces; I could see in his eyes that he knew that we knew Taylor was going to be fine. We all got up and followed him to Taylor's room. I passed the door that read the numbers 316. Shuttering, I continued on. When we reached the room, Dr. Gradhorn paused before opening the door.
"It worked," he informed us, smiling. "He's going to be fine from now on, just a little sore for a few days. I'll let you all be alone." And with that, he walked on down the hall as we anxiously opened the door. Hot tears immediately sprung to my eyes when I saw him laying there. He was good as new; no white eyes this time. Natalie ran to him, wrapping her arms around his neck. A river of tears were already reaching her cheeks. Taylor sat up, smiling weakly.
"Hey, guys..." he whispered, "What's up?" We all just sat there smiling, and for a moment, all my thoughts about Kate and Ike and Heater were whashed away.
"Well," Ike replied, "That depends. When do you get out of here?" Taylor shook his head laughing.
"In about an hour," he said raspily. It sounded like it was really hurting him to talk at all.
"That's good," Natalie said, stating the obvious.
"Well, you must be hungry, you haven't eaten since this morning," I added, glancing at the glowing numbers on the clock. 6:39, they read. Taylor nodded. Damn, we had been here longer than we'd thought. I lay my head back on the rough hospital chair and drifted off into my thoughts, listening to the three of them talking and laughing. Ike proceded to tell Taylor about everything with Heather, and about us leaving the next day so he could go to court.
"I'm sorry man," Tay comforted. Ike shook his head.
"I'm gonna get my kid," he assured him, "No matter what it takes." We all laughed as the blonde nurse from earlier walked in.
"Temperature check," she said quickly. Taylor opened his mouth as she stuck in a blue thermometer. A minute later, it beeped.
"Hmm, 98.7, that's odd. We expected you'd have a small fever...I imagine you can leave now. Let me just run some papers and have Dr. Gradhorn come in and have a look at you." She talked very fast, and didn't seem very interested to be taking care of the Taylor Hanson. A few seconds after the nurse had gone, Dr. Gradhorn popped back into the room with a smile.
"Well, Taylor, you ready to go home?" he asked.
"To the hotel atleast," Taylor laughed. I smiled. Even when he didn't feel good he was always making jokes.
"Well, I guess there's nothing more we need to keep you here for...but just a warning...there are about 300 girls outside, we've got security and everything, but I just thought I might warn ya." Dr. Gradhorn looked at us smiling. "What are you waiting for? Get outta here!" he laughed. Ike and I helped Taylor out of bed and we all waited while he changed into his clothes in the bathroom. The door clicked open and there stood Taylor, looking as normal as ever, smiling big. I headed out first, followed by Ike, then Natalie and Taylor, hand in hand. Reaching the outside of the hospital was a big shock. The doctor had been right, there must have been over 300 girls waiting for us. Screams of "Get better Taylor!" and "We love you Taylor!" shot at us, piercingly loud. We smiled, waving and walking. Taylor's face lit up. There was something about the fans that always changed everything about him. I guess it seemed to be that way with me and Ike, too. Taylor seemed alive again, all the color returning to his once pale, pasty face. When we finally reached the end of the fans, we decided to get something to eat. The fans screamed in disappointment at our leaving as we walked on down through the city. Ike held open the door to a restaurant called "La Petite Cafe`" and announced that the meal was on him. I smiled, thinking of what a good mood everyone was now in. As we all sat down, I realized something; Since we were flying home, did that mean the tour was over?