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I m p r i s o n e d

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Chapter 21


The next day, back at the hotel, I shoved the few things I'd taken out of my suitcase back in. Ike was brushing his teeth and doing his hair. He seemed to be so excited, but about court? Whatever. I picked up my suitcase in one hand and Ike's in the other.
"I'm gonna go put this stuff in the bus," I called out, "Be right back." Without waiting for Ike to answer, I opened the door and walked out. I pressed the down arrow next to the elevator and waited. I started whistling the tune to Strong Enough To Break when I noticed a girl standing, wide-eyed and stiff-limbed, from the other end of the hall. A fan, no doubt. I smiled at her sweetly as possible.
"Are...are you...?" she managed to choke. I had to laugh.
"That's me," I answered. She looked familiar somehow. Her clothes were incredibly, er, eye-catching. I just knew I'd seen her somewhere before. That's when it hit me. She was the girl who had brought the Dr. Pepper to the autograph signing! But wait...if she really existed, why had Taylor and Ike insisted I had dreamed her up? Amidst all my thoughts, I hardly noticed when the elevator opened up. But when I turned to say goodbye to the strange fan, she was gone. That was weird, maybe she was in a hurry or something. Stepping into the elevator, I was glad to see that it was empty. I heard a beep as I reached the lobby and walked on out, rolling two suitcases behind me. Jason, our bodyguard, was waiting outside. I nodded to him and boarded onto the bus, slamming the suitcases into the shelf space above the couch. What the hell did Ike have in his? It was heavier than me! Sighing, I got back off the bus and saw Jason talking to someone. Probably another fan.  I joined him and looked at the girl he'd been talking with.
"Who's this?" I asked, as if I didn't know. Jason smiled.
"You'''re Zac Hanson!" the girl yelped. She looked to be nearing a heartattack.  Laughing, I looked at Jason. He laughed as well.
"Yeah, that's me..." I said, "You want an autograph?" The girl nodded her head so fast I sware it would have popped off had she had a weak neck. Jason handed me a pad of paper and a pen.
"Gotta name?" I asked the girl. She smiled shyly.
"Amy," she whispered.
"Amy, well, that's a cool name..." I smiled as I wrote. It was so fun to be with fans, there was just something about it that I could never get tired of. That is, the normal fans. I finished up my writing and read it to myself quickly: 'To my number one fan, Amy. Stay classy, Zac Hanson.' I thought it was a little corny, but that was ok. I handed her the notepad and she smiled, reading it to herself.
"Thanks," she mumbled, "Do you think...?" She held out a camera.
"No problem," I assured her. I wrapped an arm around her and she snapped two or three pictures. Thanking me once more, she ran off into the hotel. Jason laughed.
"Well, you're in a better mood today." He told me.
"Yeah," I laughed, "Well, normal fans, those are the fun ones. Psycho fans, however, no." Jason laughed again, this time making his belly shake. Ike came out the hotel doors, followed by Natalie and Taylor.
"Sorry we took so long," Natalie explained, "Some fan tried to steal Taylor from me." Taylor laughed. We all got on the bus, laughing and talking. Ike and I sat on the couch and he flicked on the TV.
"So, gonna be a witness?" he asked.
"No, I don't think so," I joked. Ike slapped me playfully.
"Come on, you know I am." I assured him. He gave me a half smile. As the bus pulled away, a small figured person waved from the hotel doors. It was - the Dr. Pepper fan? Why did I keep seeing her everywhere now? I lay my head back, closing my eyes, and the voices around me became softer and slurred by the second.