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I m p r i s o n e d

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Chapter 25


Hours passed and there was no sign of Heather. The clock read 10:05 and I was about to collapse into bed.
"Gee, what a responsible mom." Taylor snapped. I shook my head, thinking of what a blind judge we'd had today. How could she have even thought about giving Heather primary custody?
"What could she be doing for 9 hours?" Natalie asked. We all looked at her. She made out the word 'Oh' with her lips as she realized that Heather was probably out getting high. I glanced over at Caitlyn. She, Ezra and Ike were all in a circle playing Ring Around The Rosie. Caitlyn's face lit up as she gazed into Isaac's eyes. Had I not known them, I'd have thought they'd been with each other all of Caitlyn's life. They looked so happy together. Suddenly, Caitlyn stopped playing and sat on the floor.
"Daddy! Hungry! Food!" she demanded. Ike smiled and went over to the fridge, searching around. Finally he pulled out the gallon of milk and reached in the cabinet for the Cheerios. Dumping some into a small bowl and adding milk, he handed the bowl over to Caitlyn and placed a spoon in the bowl. She took a bite and nearly dropped the bowl.
"Mmm!" she squealed, "Yummy!" She carefully sat the bowl down and ran over to hug Ike's leg.
"Come on, go eat." he told her. She ran back to the table and took another bite. Everytime she took a bite, she did the same thing; 'oohing' and 'ahhing', running to Ike, then running back. Good lord, that child had energy. I lay my head back and my thoughts drifted to Kate. A part inside of me missed her. Even though I'd been so upset when I thought she was pregnant, I was really let down when I found out she wasn't. Seeing Ike with Caitlyn and Taylor with Ezra and Natalie made me feel lonely. I just felt alone in the world. It was hard finding someone; most people would only be with me for my fame. Atleast, that was how it felt. Natalie noticed that I'd gone quiet.
"So, Zac...I've kinda got this friend that I was thinking would be really good for you...I told her I wasn't sure if you were ready for a relationship yet, but -" she managed to get out.
"Sure! I mean...I guess that would be ok, what's her name?" Was Natalie psychic or something? She'd practically read my mind.
"Her name's Amy. She's in Scotland for a few weeks, but maybe then you guys could get together?" Natalie looked at me, waiting for an answer. I paused for a second, wondering what would happen if I got back out in the dating world. I wasn't quite sure I was ready.
"Yeah, sure...why not?" I replied. Natalie smiled wide and turned back to Taylor. Just then, the doorbell rang. Finally! Heather had some explaining to do. I followed Ike to the door, but when Ike swung open the door, I saw that it wasn't Heather. There in front of us stood three police officers.
"Mr. Clarke Hanson?" One of the officers asked.
"That's me," Ike said, pointing to himself. The cops nodded and whispered something.
"I'm going to need you to come with me." Another cop spoke up. His nametag read "Smith". Typical.
"Why? What's the problem, officer?" I asked. What was going on? And why did they need Ike? Maybe Judge Horn had realized her mistake.
"You're going to have to come down to the station and answer some questions, Mr. Hanson." Officer Smith explained.
"Well, sure...but may I ask, what's going on?" Ike wanted to know. He had a confused look on his face. This was practically eating me alive. Why wouldn't they just spit it out?
"We're investigating the murder of a Ms. Heather Howard. You are the father of her child, am I correct?" the first officer said sharply, looking at Ike impatiently. Murder!? Ike's face went pale and his jaw dropped.
"Y-yes, I am...did you say - murder?" he stuttered. The police officers nodded, looking at him like he was stupid.
"What do you need Ike for, then?" I wondered, puzzled.
"Mr. Hanson is our number 1 suspect. He has the strongest motive: a battle for custody of Miss Caitlyn Howard-Hanson." I couldn't believe my ears. The room started to spin, and my eyes went dark as I hit the floor.