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I m p r i s o n e d

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Chapter 26


I awoke feeling cool air on my face. When I opened my eyes, I could see that Nat was fanning my face with a napkin. I sat up immediately, searching around for Ike.
"Where is he? What happened?!" I whispered. A lump in my throat kept me from talking very loud. Taylor crouched down and looked at me.
"You sure do pass out alot," he joked. I gave him a dirty look.
"Shutup," I shot back.
"Sorry, man. I didn't mean it to be like that. Listen...we need to get going. Ike's down at the police station...we gotta go find out what's going on. We've been trying to wake you up for an hour and a half." Tay breathed. I sighed, letting the situation sink in.
"Alright," I agreed, "Let's go." I stood up and followed the two of them out. Ezra and Caitlyn ran up behind me, holding each of my hands, Ezra on my left and Caitlyn vise versa. When we reached the street we decided to take the PATH train.
"Let's catch the one on 14th street," Tay suggested. We made our way through the crowds of people for four blocks.
"Tired!" Caitlyn complained. I smiled weakly at her, picking her up in my arms. We only had one more block to go. Caitlyn wasn't used to New York; you always have to walk there, unless you're taking the subway, the PATH train, the bus, or a taxi. Most people walked, though, because it was free, and easier on top of that. We walked down the stairs to the PATH and got there just before our train was about to leave. The lighted sign on the train read 'WTC'; stands for World Trade Center, obviously. I stepped on and looked around, realizing that there were no seats. Shit. Oh well. I grasped the pole with one hand and glanced at Caitlyn as she clung to me. The doors clicked shut and the train took off, screeching slightly. Caitlyn whined a little as we waited. When the train finally did reach our stop, I picked up Caitlyn once more and headed off. The police station was only about a block away. As we made our way there, thoughts rushed through my head. I remembered that earlier that night Ike had gone to the store to get some Dr. Pepper. So it was possible for Ike to have done this. But there was no way! This was Ike, I knew him better than pretty much anyone in the world. He couldn't have murdered somebody. When we reached the station, we quietly walked inside. I sat down with Natalie, Caitlyn, and Ezra while Tay went up to the front desk to talk to an officer. I glanced at my cell and realized that it was already 11:55. Caitlyn was falling asleep on my shoulder. When Tay came back to where we were sitting, his face was pale and pasty. Oh, no.
"Ike's in jail..." he choked, "We can't see him till tomorrow. They're just holding him for now, until they can gather their evidence."
"Well what's the bail?" I asked. Tay looked at me for a second.
"$7500, at the least." he explained. Just then, Chaz walked in the door. I recognized him from court. He practically ran over to us, grabbing Caitlyn from me. I gave him an awkward look.
"What are you doing?" Nat screamed. Caitlyn started to cry.
"Sack! Sack! Gimme Sack! Sack, where Daddy?" she wailed.
"This is my kid, now. Since your stupid brother's gone mental and decided to kill everyone, Caitlyn belongs to me. Don't expect to ever see this kid again. Just stay away from our family!" Chaz shouted, and stormed right out. Was Caitlyn really his now?