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I m p r i s o n e d

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Chapter 27


The next morning I woke with cold sweat running down my forehead, breathing heavy. Tay and Nat had stayed the night so we could pick up and leave when we woke up. They had offered to sleep on the couch, but I insisted they sleep in Ike's room. I slumped out of bed and made my way to the bathroom. I turned the knob on the shower and felt the water until it was warm, then slipped off my clothes and stepped under it. The hot water felt like magic on my back. I found myself wishing my troubles could just wash down the drain along with all the water. Squirting a quarter size of shampoo into my hand, I scrubbed it onto my head. No sooner had I scrubbed it on than I began to rinse it all out. The knobs screeched as I turned them back again and grabbed a towel from the metal rack on the wall. Wrapping it around my waste, I grabbed my clothes and dripped all the way back to my room. I threw my dirty clothes in the hamper and searched through my still un-packed suitcase for some clothes. I finally found some jeans, boxers and a black shirt with a red dragon on it. Climbing into my jeans and boxers and slipping on my shirt, I made my way to the living room. Taylor and Natalie were sitting on the couch with coffee. Suddenly, the phone started to ring. We all looked at each other for a moment before I walked over and picked up the phone.
"Zac! It's Ike...listen, I've got some news...but I'm gonna need you guys to come down here. Is that ok?"
"Yeah! We'll be right there...see ya." I turned around to see Natalie and Taylor staring at me, waiting for an explanation.
"That was Ike," I told them, "Let's go." We headed out and this time decided to just take a taxi. Ezra hopped along, asking for Caitlyn all the way to the street. Taylor stuck out his hand and within a minute we had a yellow taxi in front of us. We squeezed in, crowded by the small back seat.
"Take us to the police station, please." Nat told the driver. He looked at her funny.
"Uh, police station? Which?" he asked. By his accent I could tell he was foreign.
"You know the World Trade Center?" I asked as the driver nodded, "Go there." The driver smiled, turning around and switching on the meter. I sat back and hoped for good news from Ike. What would happen if he was found guilty and went to prison? Well, the band life would be over, that was for sure. I sighed when the taxi driver arrived at the station. Taylor pulled out his wallet and payed the taxi driver a ten dollar bill.
"Keep the change," he offered as we climbed out. I took a deep breath, preparing for the worst. Ike had sounded so monotone on the phone...I couldn't tell wether he had been happy or upset. Tay held open the door for the rest of us and we trudged in once more. This time Natalie went to the desk and asked about Ike.
"Yes," the officer told her, "It will be a minute. You can wait here." I sighed and went to sit back down with Natalie and Taylor. Ezra hopped up on the chair next to me.
"Uncle Sack!" he squealed. I looked at him, smiling.
"Ezra, you know that's not my name," I laughed. Ezra giggled, rocking back and forth.
"Okay. Uncle Zac again!" he agreed. I laughed again and realized that I actually missed Caitlyn already. The man that I had talked to before walked back out and motioned for me to follow. I got up to do so and Taylor, Nat, and Ezra did the same. We came to a white door and stopped. The officer took out a mess of keys and picked one out to unlock the door. As he opened the door, I prayed to hear that Ike was innocent. Inside the room, Isaac sat at a white table with 3 chairs across from him. An officer in uniform stood at the door we had just come in. Isaac had his head in his hands. I sat down and actually found myself wondering wether or not Ike was innocent. The officer looked at us coldly.
"You have 10 minutes." he shouted. Oh, no. Was Ike...guilty?