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I m p r i s o n e d

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Chapter 28


"You guys got here fast." Isaac mumbled as he looked up at us. My mind was spinning with questions. I wished he would just tell us what was going on.
"Listen, man...if you're in trouble, we need to know." Taylor assured him. Ike sighed.
"For right now, they're keeping me here...they're still convinced I did it. We have trial tomorrow." he explained. I stared blankly at him.
"What do you mean, keeping you here?!" Taylor shouted, jumping out of his seat. Nat put her hand on his shoulder and he sat back down, still looking bewildered.
"I didn't do it..." Ike whispered, "I didn't. You guys believe me, don't you?"
"Ike, what are you talking about? Of course we believe you!" Nat spoke up. Tears formed in Ike's eyes and he tried to blink them back.
"I never thought I'd be here," he mumbled. I nodded, wondering what was going to happen next. Ike looked around the room.
"Where's Caitlyn?" he wanted to know. I bit my lip, remembering Chaz's scene at the station the night before.
"About that, Ike..." I started, "You see...last night, Heather's fiance` stopped by and -" Ike cut me off before I could even finish my sentence.
"Chaz?! You didn't give Caitlyn to him did you?" he asked us, breathing heavy. We all looked at each other.
"Shit!" Ike screamed, "Tell me you're kidding! He's the one who did it! Chaz killed Heather! You can't leave Caitlyn with have to get over there!" Confused, I sat there, staring. Taylor looked at me, his eyes asking as many questions as ran through my own mind. I jumped up.
"Let's go." I demanded, "Ike, we'll be there tomorrow. Look for us." I grabbed Ezra up and carried him out the door, Taylor and Natalie following.
"Come on, we'll take the subway. Chaz and Heather were staying with Heather's mom, right?" I talked as I went along. My heart was beating so fast I thought I would take off flying. I couldn't let anything happen to Caitlyn.
"Zac, calm down! Yes, they were with her you know where that is?" Taylor muttered, trying to keep up with me as I bolted down the street.
"86th street." I said quickly. When we came to the subway stairs, I practically ran down.
"Tay," I yelled over my shoulder, "You got your metrocard with you?"  He finally caught up with me and handed over the small card. I swiped it through and went through the entrance, handing it back to Taylor to let him in. Ezra was now asleep in my arms. Taylor came through the entrance, along with Natalie behind him, and I headed over to the tracks where a train was just arriving. I hopped on, nearly stumbling over the gap between the train car and the platform. There were hardly any people on the train, so I sat down and held on to the pole. Tay sat next to me, and Natalie decided to stand up, as there were no seats left.
"Here, Nat, take my seat. I can't sit down, anyways." I offered, getting up and handing Ezra over to her. She smiled and sat down.
"Thanks Zac." she muttered. I held onto the pole once more and the train took off. Staring out the window, I was feeling incredibly impatient. Finally, the train arrived at our stop, and I bolted out onto the platform and up the stairs, Taylor and Natalie close behind. We came out onto the street and I saw the apartment building.
"Come on," I called back, "This way." Across the street I buzzed for room 311.
"Yes?" a woman's voice answered.
"Hi, um...this is an emergency, could you please buzz me in?" I asked, feeling my breath grow heavier. There was a buzzing sound and I walked on in, looking back to make sure Taylor was still there behind me with Natalie and Ezra, who was now awake again. The elevator was just closing when I got to it. The man inside held it for me as I squeezed in and waited for Taylor and Nat to do the same. Finally, we were all in and I pressed the button with a 3 next to it. It lit up and the elevator started upwards, beeping as it went. When it reached floor 3, I stumbled off and went straight to door number 311, knocking furiously on the door. An old woman answered the door.
"Mrs. Howard?" I asked, trying to catch my breath.
"Yes, that's me." she replied. She looked tired and very depressed. After all, her daughter had just been murdered.
"Is Chaz here? Please tell me he's here." I breathed. She shook her head.
"I'm sorry, he's left! He didn't say where he was going, but he did leave a note." Mrs. Howard explained, and left the doorway for a moment. When she returned, she had a folded up piece of paper.
"He told me to give this to whoever stopped by for him," she told us, "So I suppose I should give it to you." And with that, she shut the door in my face, leaving me with the wad of paper. On the folded side of the paper, I noticed some writing. It read ''For The Hansons''.