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I m p r i s o n e d

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Chapter 30


I could feel my face go red hot when I saw him sitting there with Caitlyn. I noticed that he was the only one of them eating, and he had her by the arm, dangling. I rushed over as fast as I could.
"Hey, watch it!" the waiter yelled as I passed him. Chaz wheeled around and stared into my eyes for a moment. He grabbed Caitlyn from the floor and bolted out the door, leaving his food on the table, unpaid for.
"Come on!" I shouted to Taylor and Natalie. Natalie scooped up Ezra and we all sprinted after Chaz. He swirved through the crowd of people and around the corner. I followed as closely as I could, but I was falling behind. I couldn't let him get away. Natalie struggled to keep up with me and Taylor. Huffing and puffing, she tried her best to keep running.
"Natalie," I yelled back at her, "You stay here! We'll come back for you!" She stopped running and caught her breath.
"Good luck!" she called out. I nodded and continued after Chaz. Where was he? Oh, shit. I'd lost him.
"There he is!" Taylor shouted, heading across the street. I followed and before we knew it, Chaz had turned another corner and we'd lost him again. Damn, he was fast. And he was carrying a kid, too. I was starting to get a little tired, but there was no way I could give up on this. I glanced at Taylor, and knew he was thinking the same. We whipped around the corner, swirving around people and dodging street signs. We were finally catching up to Chaz and Caitlyn when suddenly Chaz ducked into a small cafe`.
"Go to the other door!" I screamed at Taylor, above all the common city noise. He nodded and we made our way around the cafe` just in time to see Chaz doing the same. His eyes widened when he spotted us and he took off down the street once more. I sighed and followed him, Taylor running along side me. My side ached, but I kept on. This was one of those times I really wished I was a fast runner. Suddenly, my second wind hit me and I sped up. Taylor struggled for a minute before he got his second wind as well. Now we both ran along side once more. I looked around for Chaz. I spotted him at the bottom of the subway stairs and ran as fast as my legs would take me. But it was too late. He hopped onto a departing train, leaving the doors to shut in my face. There was no telling where he would go now. Sweat rolled down my face, and my legs and side throbbed with pain. I collapsed onto the bench behind me, putting my hands over my face. How could I let them get away?