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I m p r i s o n e d

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Chapter 33


After we'd gone through everything with the police officers, I was starting to feel relaxed for the first time in a long time. Taylor sat next to me, sighing.
"They said it'll be on the news by tonight," he explained. I smiled. This was one night I knew I was definitely going to watch the news. Taylor smiled wide, but within a second, his smile faded.
"What?" I wanted to know.
"It's just...what if it's too late? What if he's killed the both of them already?" Tay breathed, tensing up. I shook my head and patted him on the back.
"Come on, don't think of the worst of things." I told him. He nodded and tried to relax once more. Images of Caitlyn ran through my mind, and I imagined her playing and laughing with Ike. I remembered how everything was perfect for that one night; that is, until we'd found out about Heather. I found myself thinking of Chaz. I wondered why he'd killed Heather. Better yet, I wondered how Ike knew about it. Ezra darted over to me and jumped up onto my lap.
"Hi, Zac!" he yelped.
"Hey, there." I said back, smiling. Ezra giggled and rocked back and forth on my lap.
"Caitlyn now?" he asked impatiently. I sighed.
"Not yet," I told him, "But soon, I hope." He giggled once more, yanking on a strand of my hair.
"Hey, that hurts!" I laughed. Ezra pulled back and stared at me, smiling. Nat came over to where Tay and I were sitting and sat next to me.
"Looks like somebody gets to miss their nap today, huh?" she raised her eyebrows at Ezra.
"Yeah, but I think I'll get through it," I chuckled. Natalie smacked me playfully.
"Not you," she said, stating the obvious. I smiled and bounced Ezra on my knee.
"You tired?" I asked him. He shook his head around, causing his hair to fly around his head.
"Nooo!" he screamed.
"Ok, ok!" I told him. He immediatley went silent and smiled shyly at me. Suddenly he perked up.
"I want food, Zac. I want food." he pleaded. I looked at him.
"We just ate not that long ago!" I declared. He crossed his arms.
"Alright. I'll get you something from the vending machine. What do you want?" I offered. He laughed and hopped on the floor.
"Cheeto's!" he demanded. I nodded, laughing, and made my way across the room to the vending machine. I pulled a dollar out of my pocket and slid it into the slot. The machine spit my money back out at me. I frowned, taking the dollar bill and straightening it against the edge of the machine and sliding it in again. But once more, the money came right back out.
"You gotta put the face facing the other way." A voice from behind me suggested. I turned around and saw a slightly overweight police officer waiting behind me for his turn at the machine. He didn't look like he should use it anytime soon, for his own sake. I smiled and thanked him, turning around my dollar bill. Sure enough, it slid right in. I punched in C7 and watched as a bag of Cheeto's fell from the machine into the slot. I reached in and grabbed it. Ezra giggled when I threw the bag at him.
"Ezra, what do you say?" Nat asked expectantly.
"Thank you Zac!" Ezra shouted. I laughed. He was so cute sometimes. Just then, the door we'd been through earlier to see Ike opened, and outcame Isaac with a police officer. Ike nodded to the officer and thanked him, then walked on over to where I stood.
"What are you doing out here?" I wanted to know. Ike smiled and threw his arms around me.
"My prints didn't match," he announced, "Guys, I'm innocent!" My eyes grew wide and I laughed so hard I almost cried. Ike loosened his grip on me and pulled away, hugging Taylor and Natalie. He swooped up Ezra and held him high in the air for a second.
"Come on," Ike commanded, setting Ezra down. "We got my kid to find!"