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I m p r i s o n e d

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Chapter 34


The adrenaline rush from earlier had passed. There was nothing to do now but wait. We were back at the apartment now, all gathered around the phone. Visions of Caitlyn being carried just out of my reach flashed through my mind. I still couldn't help but blame myself for everything that had happened with her. Suddenly, the phone shook with an ear splitting ring. Every one of us jumped up as Ike cautiously picked up the phone.
"Hello?" he stuttered. Sweat raced down my forehead as I prayed for some news, any news, of Caitlyn. But my spirits dropped when I saw Ike's face fade hopelessly.
"Hey, Mom...yeah, we're doing alright.'s all true, Mom. Yeah...thanks, Mom. Well, actually...we kinda need the phone free...yeah...I love you too, Mom. Ok. Alright. Bye, Mom." I could see tears form in Ike's eyes as he slowly set the phone back down on the hook. He gave a weak smile and looked at me.
"Well, can't expect to hear anything on the first call, can we?" he smiled and made his way to the bathroom. I felt bad for him; why did he feel like he needed to put on an act for us? Taylor walked over and threw his arms around me, and once more, I could feel hot tears on my shirt.
"Could we talk, do you think?" he asked me. I nodded, and led him to my bedroom where we both sat on the bed. Before I knew what was happening, Taylor burst into a fit of tears right there in front of me. I'd never seen him so upset. I couldn't even begin to find the words to say to comfort him.
"Zac," Tay groaned, "This is all my fault." I could feel my eyes grow wide. Was he serious?!
"Taylor, you've got to be kidding! Come on, you gave everything you had to get her back! There's nothing more you could have done. Besides, I'm the one who gave her up to him." I blurted out. Taylor shook his head, blurry tears falling faster and faster from his eyes.
"No," he sobbed, "You don't understand!" I was bewildered. How could Taylor blame himself for this?!
"Taylor..." I began, "I've been torturing myself all day, because I thought this was my
fault. But...there's nothing more we can do! All that's left to do is just...sit and wait for that phonecall."
"And what if that phonecall never comes?" Tay said under his breath. I closed my eyes, trying to block out the thought.
"It will." I assured him.
"But what if it doesn't?!" Taylor shouted. I was taken aback for a moment.
"Taylor...I don't know. I haven't known anything these past few days. But it's all worked out! Well, that is...most of it." I whispered, as my mind took another walk down memory lane. Pictures of Kate's angry tears, Heather's face in court, and Caitlyn's voice trailed through my head, dangling there, torturing me. I couldn't seem to get it all out of my mind; it was as if they were glued there forever. Taylor wiped his face with the backs of his hands and stood up, straightening out the wrinkles in his shirt. Always the perfectionist. I stood up as well, and we made our way to the living room - but nothing could have prepared me for what I saw next. Taylor went fire engine red. I could just imagine him snatching up a vase and crushing it on the floor. I nearly fainted again when I glanced over at the couch and saw the object of Taylor's anger. There sat Natalie and Ike, cuddled together on the couch, just coming apart from a kiss. My heart was beating so hard that I could feel it in my ears. Ike's eyes were wide and scared, like a deer in headlights. Natalie ran herself over to Taylor and fell to her knees.
"Taylor, don't's not what it looks like! It was just - " she begged. More and more tears scrambled down Taylor's cheeks as he looked at his wife as a traitor. He ran out the door and slammed it behind him. Natalie ran after him, tears falling down her own cheeks as well. Ike looked at me guiltily.
"Zac...I...please, just..." he started. I couldn't even begin to look at him. My whole world was upside down, and somehow, I wasn't strapped in. Questions circled through my mind; had Ike and Natalie hooked up before this? And just what the hell was going on?!