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I m p r i s o n e d

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Chapter 36


Ike stood, breathless, unable to move, as Taylor stared back at him from across the room.
"Taylor, I..." Ike began.
"It's ok," Taylor whispered, "Natalie expained everything. She told me it was just out of sorrow...out of...pity." Ike stared, confused.
"You're not mad?" he asked. Taylor shook his head.
"No," he sighed, "I'm not. I've been there just's like a hug but - I don't know, stronger somehow. There's no real controlling it."
Ike sighed with relief.
"I had a feeling you'd understand." Ike smiled, "But we can't really talk about this now...I just got news that someone's seen Caitlyn."
"Already?!" Natalie yelped. Ike nodded. I wondered who had seen Caitlyn. I tried not to get my hopes up too high, but I couldn't help it. Ike was right - this could be it.
"I've got their number right here," Isaac breathed.
"CALL IT!" Taylor, Natalie and I chorused. Ike laughed and picked up the phone once more, dialing the numbers written on the pad of paper that lay on the table. He waited, listening for an answer. Finally, someone picked up.
"Yes, my name is Isaac. Someone called from this number...they said they sighted my missing daughter?" Ike said into the phone. He paused while they answered him.
"Yes, the young one. Yes. Yes. Where did you see her, exactly? Mmm hmm...yeah, I know where that is..." Ike scribbled an address on a pad of paper. "And how long ago did they leave? Yes...mmm, hmm...what was the number on the taxi cab? 45? Alright. Yes. Thank you, thank you so much. You've been a big help!" I could see tears in Ike's eyes as he hung up the phone again.
"Ok, they saw her over in Chinatown on Mott street, they were eating at the Peking Duck. I need one of you guys to stay here incase anyone else calls." Ike explained.
"I'll stay," Natalie offered. "I'll keep Ezra here, too. That way you won't be slowed down." Taylor walked over and kissed Nat on the forehead.
"We'll be back as soon as we can." he promised. She nodded and watched as the rest of us piled out of the door. I felt incredibly anxious inside; infact, I was actually sweating. It felt good to be outside again. The cool air calmed my beating heart. As we headed toward the subway, my thoughts drifted, as they always seemed to. I thought of my parents and I wondered how they knew about everything. I wished I could talk to them; it had been a long time since I had. I felt guilty for that. Finally, we reached the subway.
"Anybody have a metrocard?" Tay asked impatiently. Ike and I shook our heads. Taylor sighed and made his way to the metrocard machine. He punched the touch-screen buttons and then slipped in his credit card. A small card printed out and Taylor reached forward to get it when suddenly, someone ran up behind him and snatched it away.