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I m p r i s o n e d

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Chapter 37


Taylor whipped around to face a tall, muscular man standing behind him.
"I been waiting for you," the man laughed, revealing his gold tooth. Confused, I squinted my eyes, trying to recognize the man. But it was no use. I'd never seen him before in my life. I started to panic, and by the look on his face, I knew Ike was scared, too.
"Who...who are you?" Taylor stuttered. Oh, shit. I'd been hoping that Taylor knew him somehow.
"Chaz sent me," the muscular man explained, smiling once more. "I knew you'd be coming this way. Now, would you like to tell me why you have been stalking my brother?" I drew back, surprised by the man's accusation. Was this a joke or something?
"You've got it all wrong, buddy," Taylor blurted out. "Your brother kidnapped my brother's daughter...and oh, by the way, he also murdered his fiance`." I stared at Tay. How could he be so stupid?! We were in for it now.
"What did you say about my brother?!" the man screamed. Taylors eyes grew wide as he stumbled backwards, so scared his knees wobbled. Ike and I exchanged glances, sweat dripping down each of our faces.
"He didn't mean it," Ike spoke up.
"Was I talking to you?!" the man shouted, growing angrier by the second. Ike looked at the ground. Even with three of us and one of this guy, there was no way we could get past him. He was incredibly muscular and looked even more incredibly cruel.
"Well...what are you gonna do with us?" I whispered.
"Well, that depends, now, doesn't it? I was gonna send you all to the police for stalking, but with these ludacris accusations you are all rudely blurting out about my brother, it might have to go a little bit further than that." the man stared hard into my eyes, and I knew he could sense my fear of him. He started to walk around us, looking us up and down, and even smelling us. I felt like I was being searched for drugs.
"Alright," the man finally sighed, "What are your names?"
"Isaac." The man's face lit up and his eyes grew wide as he stared back at us.
"Are you.....the Hansons?" he muttered. I gave Tay a strange look. This guy definitely didn't come off as a fan.
"Um, yes...are you a fan?" I asked, the weird expression still plastered on my face. This guy had to be joking.
"No, no! Not me! My daughter, she's a fan! Wow...I'll make you all a deal. You give me an autograph, and you're good to go." the man offered. It took me a second to realize what he'd just said. Just an autograph? I grabbed a small piece of paper out of my pocket and a pen, scribbling my name, then handing it over to Tay. He jotted down his signature, then Ike. Finally, we handed the paper back over to the muscular man. He laughed, tucking the paper in his back pocket.
"Alright, let's go." he told us. I looked at him.
"But, you said -" I started. The man interrupted me.
"I said you were good to go, meaning I wasn't going to hurt you anymore. You're still going to jail; I mean, what do you want me to do, let three stalkers out on the loose just because they're famous? Nope, sorry, boys. You're going to jail!" he laughed. I couldn't believe this; we were about to go to jail for trying to rescue our kidnapped niece from a murderer. I knew that God works in mysterious ways, but I didn't know things could get that mysterious. I couldn't believe this; I'd never been to jail in my life! And worst of all, Chaz was only going to get farther away. He sure had thought this all out carefully.