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I m p r i s o n e d

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Chapter 38


At the police station, I sat in a cold, metal chair. I bit my lip, trying as hard as I could to keep the tears in my eyes from falling. We were never going to get Caitlyn back now. The strong man from the subway, whose name we now knew was Dennis, stood talking to an officer. I prayed that the officer would believe our story instead of Dennis's. Suddenly, the officer looked our way.
"Come on, boys." he announced, "Let's come on back." Shocked, I stood and followed my brothers through a small hallway, which led to about 4 or 5 jail cells. In one of the cells, in the very back, sat an old man, maybe about 65 or 70, asleep and snoring. I cringed.
"Don't we get a phonecall?" I asked. I would have done anything to get away from those disgusting, horribly smelling cells.
"Follow me," the officer sighed, leading me away from Tay and Ike. When I got to a payphone, the officer slipped in two quarters and walked back to where my brothers stood. I gulped, picked up the phone and holding it between my shoulder and my ear. Fingers shaking, I dialed home. I heard the familiar ringing sound and closed my eyes, hoping for Natalie to answer. It rang a few more times, and I worried that Natalie was asleep. Finally, I heard Natalie's voice on the end.
"Natalie! You've gotta come get us!"
"Zac? Where are you guys?!"
"Nat...we're in have to get down here and get us outta here! I don't know how long I can make it in this place."
"Well...what station are you all at?"
"It's right down the street from the subway by the apartment...get down here!"
"Alright, alright! I'm on my way."
"And Nat?"
"Hurry!" I slowly hung up the phone and let out a sigh of relief, making my way back to the jail cells and holding my nose. Another officer was waiting for me, and opened the door of the cell where Ike and Taylor sat. I walked in, and ran to Taylor. Throwing my arms around him, I gasped for air.
"Nat's coming," I explained. More sighs of relief came from all three of us as I sat down on the hard, cold bench.
"How much is the bail?"
"Three hundred." Taylor and Ike said together.
"Oh, well that's not much." I breathed.
"Each." Ike added.
"Nine hundred dollars?! Are you kidding me?" I yelped. Tay raised his eyebrows, nodding.
"Hey, keep it down over there!" a voice shouted from down the hall. I looked over to see the old, now awake man in the cell at the end of the hall.
"Sorry." I called back. Just then, the same officer that had brought me into the cell came back and slid open the cell door.
"Someone's here to see you." he told us. But instead of Natalie rounding the corner, it was the last person I expected. Taylor's jaw dropped and Ike looked straight at me, frowning, when we all saw her walk in. It was Kate.