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I m p r i s o n e d

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Chapter 40


Kate and Natalie led us out to the front of the station, and dumped their wallets out on the desk. The officer there counted the bills slowly.
"Alright," he finally announced. "You're good to go." We turned to leave when Kate stopped.
"Come on, Kate! We gotta go!" I told her. She shook her head.
"I can't go out there with you guys. He'll see me. He'll know. He'll know what I'm doing. He'll kill me if he finds out, Zac." Kate explained. I sighed.
", you're staying here. Just tell us where Caitlyn is." I asked. Kate looked at the floor, shuffling her feet.
"Holiday Inn, across the street, room 243." she blurted out. "He leaves for food at 4:25 everyday." I whipped around, searching for a clock on the wall. It was 4:35.
"Where does Caitlyn go when he leaves?" I wanted to know. Kate shrugged.
"He usually leaves her there with me." she explained. I stared hard at her.
"So he's gonna just leave her at the hotel?" Taylor barked. Kate nodded.
"I guess so." she said. Ike bolted through the station door and made his way across the street. I looked at Taylor, and we took off, following Ike. When we got to the front desk of the Holiday Inn, Ike stood, ringing the service bell. A short, skinny man with slicked back hair appeared.
"How may I help you, sir?" he asked politely.
"Yeah, um, my name is Chaz Sirvoski, and I seem to have lost my room key." Ike mumbled. The man nodded.
"And what room are you staying in, Mr. Sirvoski?" he asked.
"Uh, room 243, sir." Ike said, a little louder this time. The hotel clerk nodded once more, handing Ike a silver card key.
"Enjoy your stay." the little man said as we made our way to the elevator. When we were safely inside, I looked at Ike.
"Sirvosky?!" I shouted. "Where the hell did you come up with that?"
"It was on a show last was all I could think of. I don't know Chaz's real last name!" he defended himself. I shook my head, smiling. The elevator made a dinging noise as the doors slid open. We trailed off, making our way down the hall, checking every door for its numbers. Finally, we reached room 243. I could hear a child's screaming voice. Ike started to slip in the card key when suddenly, we heard a man's voice in the room, too.
"He's still in there!" Ike exclaimed.
"You think?!" Taylor snapped as we ran back down the hallway.
"Well what now?" I asked, trying to catch my breath as I sat in a chair across from the elevator.
"I don't know, but we gotta get the hell out of here!" Ike suggested, dragging me back into the elevator. Suddenly, Ike's cell phone started to ring.
"Hello? Wha - wait!" he hung up as fast as he'd answered.
"That was Chaz," Ike explained.
"What did he say?" Taylor asked. Ike shook his head as the elevator reached the lobby floor.
"He said to keep an eye on Ezra."