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I m p r i s o n e d

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Review by: Marysa


This amazingly talented person wrote the funniest, wildest, greatest fanfic I have ever read in my entire life! I’m not exaggerating either. I've been reading this from the beginning and I look forward to reading the next chapter every time and if she doesn’t put it up fast I practically go insane! Lol I know I sound like a freak but it’s that great - she’s that great, and you have to believe me. I have never read something so great in my life. I know she doesn’t always have the time and probably gets writers’ block, but that’s normal and kinda good, because it helps to give her time to think of something really great and even better than the first. So I know I’m not the best writer in the world but i can tell you, she IS!



Review by: Nel


  1. What is the story about?

The story is a hanfic from behind Zac’s eyes! It’s not the best days for the Hansons, because Zac has to end his relationship with Kate after she lied to him about being pregnant and tried to trick him into marriage, Taylor gets sick and fears for his life, and Ike find out he is married and has a child.

  1. What I like/ don’t like about the story

I like the story a lot because there is always something new happening and those are all things that can happen in real life. I also love the way that it’s written. It really makes you believe like you are seeing life from Zac’s point of view and I like the fact that it’s not all fiction, but that she takes a few things out of their real lives and puts it in the story!

      3. What makes me want/ not want to read the story?

As I said, there is always something new happening and you always want to know how it will end up. It’s a really exciting story that gets you hooked from the beginning!

4.      What do I think of the author?

Well, to be honest, I don’t really know the author. But she seems like a nice and cool person who should definitely keep on writing stories!

5.      What is my favorite part?

The part with Isaac’s daughter, when they fight for custody and try to get her back! I like this part because it shows their brotherly love and how they would do everything for each other. But then again, that’s shown in every part of the hanfic. But I think that here you see it the most and that’s why I like that part.




Review by: Elicia


I've been reading it for the past few weeks now, and I love it, because it has real-life drama in it, like something you would see from the 'LIFETIME' network.

And it's not like those other lame [hanfics] that I've read that have pointless plots, that are too tame, or just plain boring. It's realistic and something people can relate to. Plus, I go to the website every now and then to see if it’s updated. As of now, I'm on the 35th chapter. So keep it updated, because a lot of people write stories and then abandon them.


And another reason i like your story is that it has REAL drama in it, b/c to tell you the truth, to me, a story w/o conflict and struggle isn't really a story to me, so it's pretty much as dead as a doornail to me. If i'ma get hooked, it has to have conflict in it, and you'll have to keep us at the edge of our seats, wondering what's gonna happen next. it seems like just when things couldn't get any worse, or seem to get better, sure enough, they do. but i hope there's glory in all of this. it just proves that love can conquer all, and that things like this make a family stronger.


I loved that part when Natalie got on her knees when Taylor burst in and thought that his wife committed adultery with his own brother, because that scene reminded me of something out of one of those old, classic movies when the woman wanted [or begged] for her man to come back to her, because that doesn't happen too often today. I can just picture it very clearly.



Review by: Heather


Imprisoned is a great story written by a dedicated fan. It keeps you going, so that there is always something new happening. I enjoy reading it, mostly cause it is in Zac's point of view and it is such an amazing story.