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I m p r i s o n e d

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Chapter 42


Desperate for words, Ike sat, breathing hard, in a chair at the police station. I wished I could find the words to say, but I was speechless myself. How could Chaz even think about taking Caitlyn all the way to Missouri? I plopped down next to Ike, who now had his head in his hands. This day had been never ending. I glanced outside and noticed it was starting to get dark. Suddenly, Ike perked up.
"That's it!" he shouted. "THAT'S IT!"
"IKE! What's what?" Taylor exclaimed, breathless. Ike grinned, a gleam in his eye.
"Kate, you need to find out what train they're riding on." he demanded. Kate nodded.
"Taylor? I need you to get the train schedules for tomorrow." Ike continued. I looked at him.
"What's on your mind?" I wanted to know. He just grinned again.
"You'll see." he told me. I looked at him, smiling. Whatever he was up to, he seemed excited about it.
"Well, before we do anything...can we get something to eat?" I begged, clutching my stomach. It had been churning and bubbling all day.
"How can you be hungry?" Taylor asked, giving me a strange look.
"How can you not be hungry?!" I shot back. Natalie laughed, swooping Ezra into her arms.
"That sounds like a good idea, Zac. I'm getting a little hungry myself." she chuckled. "Of course, if Taylor doesn't want to eat, we'll understand, right?. I mean, he never really eats anyway." Taylor shot her a confused look.
"I eat," he mumbled. Natalie shook her head, and we all made our way outside to find a place to eat. Kate stayed behind, as to not be seen with us. I found myself wishing she could come. Finally, after walking for blocks, we decided on a small mexican restaurant called Burritoville. I held the door open, letting everyone walk through before I walked in myself. Everyone sat down while Ike went to place our order at the front.
"Zac, what do you want to drink?" Ike asked.
"Oh, I don't know. A root beer, that sounds good." I heaved. Nodding, Ike turned himself back around and continued blabbing with the cashier. Sighing, I lay my head down on the table. I was beginning to go through sleep withdrawal. When Ike came back with a tray full of burritos and soda, I lifted my head, grabbing my food.
"So, Ike...when are you gonna tell us this master plan of yours?" I said between bites.
"We're getting Caitlyn back." Ike plainly stated. I stared at him.
"No, really? Because I thought we were just gonna see them off." I snapped sarcastically. Ike smiled, sighing.
"Well, isn't it obvious? We're gonna call the police, and get them to the train. Then, we're going to get on the train, too, of course. The first time Chaz gets up to go to the bathroom..." Ike trailed off.
"Are you serious?" I asked, eyes wide. Ike gave me a strange look.
"Um, yes...?" He replied.
"I can't believe I didn't even think of that." I said in disbelief. It was so obvious. Suddenly, a scruffy man with a beard stepped up to our table. He was covered with dirt from head to toe.
"Excuse me, are you Isaac Hanson?" he asked.