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I m p r i s o n e d

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Chapter 45


The minutes ticked by slowly. I could hardly stand the anticipation...I was worried about Caitlyn again. It was now 11:30. Taylor, Natalie, and Ezra had gone home to shower and change, leaving me and Ike alone. I sat at the dining room table, staring off into space. Ike came and sat next to me, sighing.
"I can't stand this." he breathed. I looked up, a little surprised to hear him speak. The house had been quiet for the past half hour.
"Stand what?" I asked him, already knowing the answer. I continued to stare at nothing in particular.
"Waiting," Ike sighed. "I can't stand waiting. This day is crawling by."
"So do something." I told him.
"Gee, thank you, genius, because I hadn't thought of that!" he snapped sarcastically. I rolled my eyes, letting my thoughts drift. I almost didn't notice when Ike spoke up again.
"You thinking about who I think you're thinking about?" he asked, a grin spread across his face. I only nodded, still deep in thought. Suddenly, I sprang up from my seat and headed for my room. I grabbed the notebook and pen that lay on my dresser and flopped onto my bed, scribbling down lyrics for a new song. After a few minutes, I rolled over on my back, unable to concentrate. I remembered how fast things had seemed to be going before. At first I had thought that Kate was pregnant, and then I had found out she wasn't, then Taylor got sick, and I found out Isaac had a kid and a wife, then Heather died and Caitlyn was kidnapped...and now it seemed as though everything had been put on hold. I heard the door open and three familiar voices trailed through my room. I put my head in my hands, sighing. I made my way out of my room, yawning. Ezra ran up to me and jumped into my arms.
"Hi Sack!" he giggled. I smiled.
"Ezra, you know my name is Zac." I told him, laughing.
"Okay Zac!" he shouted, twirling around the room making helicopter sounds. I chuckled, making my way to the fridge. I grabbed the small bottle of orange soda and poured myself a glass, tossing it back into the fridge. As soon as the orange liquid touched my tongue, I spit it out.
"How old is this?!" I yelled, scraping my tongue with my fingers, desperate to get the taste out of my mouth. Natalie looked at Taylor as they both burst out laughing.
"Well, I'm glad that entertains you two." I barked. This only seemed more humorous to them as they broke into a fit of laughter, their faces red. Tears streamed down Natalie's face she was laughing so hard.
"Yes, it is so funny. Let's all laugh at Zac." I mocked.
"Haha!" Ezra called out. I looked at him.
"You said laugh at Zac," he defended himself. I smiled, shaking my head. Just then, there was a knock at the door.
"I'll get it." I offered, seeing as no one else planned on getting the door. When I opened it, there stood a teenage girl in wacky clothes.
"Hey, I know you!" I told her as I remembered who she was. It was the strange girl who had brought the Dr. Pepper to the autograph signing and who I'd seen at the hotel; she was the one that Ike and Taylor had sworn I'd dreamt up.
"Yes, I imagine you do by now." she whispered.
"Who are you? Are you following me or something?" I asked her. She looked at the floor, shaking her head.
"No, I'm not following you, persay..." she mumbled.
"Well, then what are you doing, persay?" I wanted to know. She sighed, taking a moment to think.
"Well, your brother had a kid with I right?" she looked at me.
"Yeah..." I replied, confused as to how she would know that.
"Heather, I'm Caitlyn's aunt. I guess you could say I have been following you guys...could I see her?" she pleaded. A pang of guilt hit me in the stomach.
"Caitlyn's...not here right now." I muttered.
"Where is she?" the girl asked. I sighed, rubbbing my forehead. Just then, Ike came to where I was standing.
"Mary? What are you doing here?" he seemed as puzzled as I was.
"I just wanted to see my niece...where is she?" Mary begged.
"Mare...she's...gone. Chaz took her." Ike heaved. Mary's eyes widened.
"She's with Chaz?!" she exclaimed.
"Mary, I think you should leave...don't worry, we're taking care of it." Ike assured her. "Go home." Mary's face saddened as she started off down the hall. Ike sighed and went back to the living room.
"Come on," he called back to me, "Natalie's got something I think you'd like to hear." Confused, I made my way to the living room where everyone sat, smiling. I sat on the edge of the coffee table.
"What?" I wanted to know. Every one of them was looking at me.
"Zac," Natalie murmered, "That wasn't orange soda that you drank."
"Well what was it then, so we don't buy it again?" I wondered out loud. Taylor tried to hold back a chuckle. Why was this so amusing?
"Zac, it was glucose." Natalie explained. I looked at her funny.
"What the heck was glucose doing in the fridge?" I asked. Taylor strained, desperate to hold back his snickers.
"Zac, I have to drink it before I go to the doctor tomorrow. It's for a blood sugar test, to see if I have diabetes." Natalie told me. I nodded, thinking.
"But why? You know you don't have diabetes." I said, still as puzzled as ever. Taylor couldn't take it anymore; he burst out laughing.
"Just tell him!" Taylor breathed, trying to catch his breath.
Natalie smiled, looking at me.
"Zac, I'm pregnant."
"Pregnant?!" I repeated. She smiled again, nodding. I could see tears well up in her eyes.
"Ya hear that little man?" Ike asked, swooping Ezra into his arms. "You're gonna be a big brother!" Ezra's mouth nearly dropped to the floor.
"What's that?" he asked. We all laughed at that. Ezra even joined in, even though he had no idea what we were laughing about.
"This is great," I said, standing up and hugging Natalie. " long have you guys known?"
"About a week...this seemed like a good time to tell everyone." Taylor answered. Ezra jumped up into Natalie's lap, giggling.  Just then, the clock chimed 12:00.