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I m p r i s o n e d

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Chapter 47


I held my breath as I stepped off of the last step leading to the street. I was so nervous, I could hardly walk straight. I just kept doubting myself, and my chances of getting Kate back. Taylor looked back at my flustered face and smiled.
"Relax, man. She's gonna say yes." he assured me. I gave him a half smile and continued walking. It was already 1:25, and the train station was still 3 blocks away. I looked at the ground as I walked, concentrating on stepping over every crack with my right foot, desperate to get my mind off of Kate.
"Mommy, I'm tired!" Ezra whined. She made a face and went to pick him up.
"I got it, Nat." I offered, swooping up Ezra and setting him on my shoulders.
"Yeah, he got it, Nat." Ezra mocked. Natalie laughed, shaking her head.
"Thanks, Zac." she said, patting my back once. "You know, Kate's a real lucky girl." I felt tingles go down my spine the second she said Kate's name. I tried to smile, but tears only formed in my eyes. I wasn't exactly sure why. Natalie took sight of my watery eyes and frowned.
"Second thoughts?" she asked. I shook my head.
"Third thoughts?!" Ezra yelled, giggling. I rolled my eyes, but a smile formed on my face. I turned to face Nat, staring at her.
"I guess I've just got.....doubts." I admitted to her. She closed her eyes.
"Zac, there's no reason she wouldn't marry you; she loved you, and you love her." Natalie told me. I bit my lip.
"But that's just it, Nat. She loved do you know she still will?" I asked. Natalie sighed.
"I just...know." she whispered, and brought up her pace to walk with Taylor again. Questions still circled in my mind as I trudged past crowds of people. Ezra playfully kicked his legs against my chest, laughing.
I groaned, regretting ever mentioning that I planned to propose to Kate. Now that I had said it out loud, it felt like I had to do it, like it was expected of me. I sighed, rubbing my still-tired eyes. I tried to get my mind off of Kate by thinking of Caitlyn. Once more, I pictured the one night we'd had with her. I could see her laughing and playing with Isaac, her face lit up with happiness. I remembered her innocent voice, calling out, 'Sack, Sack!' Closing my eyes tight, I tried to hold back the tears that formed in my eyes everytime I imagined Caitlyn. Amidst all my thinking, I almost didn't realize that the train station was in clear sight. My watch read 1:35. Taking a deep breath, I sat on a bench with everyone else and looked around for Kate. A giant lump hung in my throat and my palms were sweating like crazy. I looked back at my watch. It had changed to 1:36. Where was she?
"Hey, guys!" a familiar voice called out. The lump in my throat tripled in size when I recognized the voice as Kate's. She made her way to where we all sat.
"You're late." Natalie teased. Kate laughed.
"Sorry, he had me watch Caitlyn while he went out. I talked to her for a pretty long time. She's not happy about the move...I guess she didn't know she wasn't supposed to ever see you all again. She really likes you guys. Actually, she's quite fond of Sack, I might add." Kate chuckled, her freckled nose crinkling the way it always had. I took another deep breath and pulled her aside, scratching the back of my head.
" did you end up with Chaz?" I asked, trying to decide where to begin. Suddenly I wished I'd have planned this all out before I rushed right into it.
"Well...I'm not with him Zac...I'm just...I don't know. I couldn't ever date a kidnapper, not to mention a's just...he told me it was Ike's kid, and I just ended up taking care of her. That's when I tracked you all down so I could help you to get her back." Kate explained, talking fast.
"Oh," I muttered. "Well...I, uh, I've been doing a lot of thinking lately." Kate gave me a strange look, and I knew I'd ruined it already.
"Kate," I continued. "There's no easy way to say this really, but...I really miss you, a lot...I really regret what I did to you, and...I just..." I trailed off, trying to force the words out of my mouth; my tongue felt as dry as the sun.
"You just what Zac?" Kate asked, growing impatient. I figured it was either now or never.
"Will you marry me?" I blurted out. Her mouth parted slightly and she stared right at me, frozen. I knew I'd blown it. She just sat there, gawking. I could have killed myself for being so naive. How could I have expected her to just forgive me that easily? I prayed that she would say something, anything, to put me out of my misery. Spotting the worried look on my face, she finally spoke.
"Zac, I...I thought you wanted me out of your life..forever?" I sighed.
"I didn't mean it," I mumbled. "I was an idiot. I love you, Kate." She stared at me with watery eyes. For what seemed like an eternity, my life hung on what that tear meant.
"I love you too, Zac." Kate finally whispered, a tear escaping from her eyes as she flung her arms around me, holding me tight.
"I love you too." she repeated.