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I m p r i s o n e d

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Chapter 52


Shakily, I got up from my seat and followed Kate through the compartment door. It slid open easily and slammed shut behind me. I wished we'd thought more about what exactly to do at this point. Nevertheless, Ike led us all into Chaz's quiet compartment. He turned his head a bit when the compartment door shut. Gasping, Natalie pulled us to the side, but Chaz had already looked away. I stared at the back of his greasy head. I wanted to strangle him...I wanted to hit him, to throw him to the ground and hurt him like he'd hurt Ike. But I couldn't right now. Breathing hard, I looked out the window. The world outside was passing slower and slower, and before I knew it, the train had stopped completely.
"Stop number one, Newark, stop number one, Newark. Please exit through the open doors." The voice over the train seemed so pleasant; so oblivious, I thought. I glanced at Kate and forced a weak smile, still trying to shake the dream from my head. Mr. Finston appeared from behind me. I could hear him breathing, hear the shaking in his breath as he exhaled. My mind whirled as I waited for something to happen. Waited for Chaz to turn around and catch us, and run off the train, only to catch Caitlyn once more. Mr. Finston cleared his throat.
"Listen," he finally spoke, "We're going to have to make this fast." He went on, explaining exactly the way everything would happen. Feeling less than confident, we stood, ready to take action. I swallowed, and started to walk towards Caitlyn. Her blue eyes brightened and widened when she saw me. She jumped out of her seat, happy as the night her mother had died. I closed my eyes tight at the thought. She would never have a mother, and she would always know that she had lived with a man who had, obliviously to her, killed her mother. I reopened my eyes and made my way down the aisle. Caitlyn let out a squeal of delight and Chaz suddenly turned sharply around, looking me square in the face. His dark green eyes burned into mine. Hate and anger blazed in them but something else, as well - something unexpected. Fear. Suddenly, I heard a yell from behind me and felt a blow to the head. Crumbling to the floor, my hands flew to the back of my head. Pain seared through me, as I lay there, aching. I could hear Taylor and Ike screaming for me. Kate was screaming bloody murder. But they all seemed so distant. So far fuzzy. Caitlyn's fuzzy face floated to the front of my mind. Her sparkling eyes glittered there for a moment before the vision was gone. I could hear her crying now; crying for Isaac. Crying for her Daddy. Tears stung my eyes and I leapt to my feet. I turned and came face to face with Robert.
"What happened?!" I screamed. He only laughed, and scooped Caitlyn up from the floor where she had obviously been thrown. A million questions zoomed through my head at once. Dizzy,I tried to understand all that was going on. And then, comprehension dawned on me.
"" I stuttered. "All this time, you were working for him?!" I pointed to Chaz, and boiled with anger as Robert laughed again.
"Sayonara." he said, and winked, heading towards an almost shut exit door. In one fast movement, I threw myself at him, and the two of us tumbled onto the platform. Another door opened as everyone else jumped out. Everyone, that is, except for Chaz. I watched his face through the train window as the train began moving faster and faster - and then, it was gone. I turned to Robert, who now lay sprawled on the ground. Caitlyn ran and jumped into Ike's arms, tears streaming down her face. I walked up calmly as possible to Robert. And before he could realize what I was doing, my fist was in his teeth. I pulled back, angry. He stood up, blood dripping from his mouth and soaking his shirt. He gave us one last stony look before he took off running, stumbling the whole way. A wave of relief swept over me as I realized it was over - everything was just...over. Slowly, I turned back to everyone else, a look of disbelief on my face. Caitlyn crawled down from Ike's hold and threw her arms around me. Hugging her tight, I felt hot tears on my own face. And finally, for once, everything was right again. Kate kneeled down next to Caitlyn, who dropped her grip from me.
"Caitlyn, you want to show Uncle Sack what you can say?" she asked her quietly. Caitlyn's face lit up again, and she smiled proudly as she said softly, "Zac."