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I m p r i s o n e d

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Chapter 6


When we got back to the bus, Kate was

 asleep on the couch. I flicked on the TV

and came to the conclusion that absolutely

 nothing was on. I sighed and went to see

 what Nat was doing. I found her in one of

 the rooms playing with Ezra.

“Hey,” I said a little loudly.

“Hey, Zac…did you guys have fun?”

she asked, keeping her eyes on Ezra.

“Yeah…almost got mobbed by a fan,

 but hence the word almost,” I explained.

 She laughed.

“I was kinda wondering if you knew anything

 that I could do for Kate…she’s pretty upset,

 and I –” I began. But Natalie interrupted.

“Zac, sit down.” I did. She closed her eyes

 tight, then opened them again.

“What?” I asked impatiently. Natalie’s head

 rolled back as she whispered something.

“What?? Nat, speak up. I can’t hear you.”

Just as I was thinking that maybe something

was wrong, she started to cry and ran out

of the room. Ezra looked at me curiously.

“Nap time,” I told him. Now he was crying.

 “Shh,” I cooed, “You don’t want to be

awake right now, trust me…” I lay him in

 bed and left the room.

“Where’s Natalie?” I asked Taylor.

“Well, she’s in the bathroom…she’s crying.

 What happened?” he seemed confused. I

breathed out and knocked on the bathroom


“Natalie, come out of there. Come on, please!

 Tell me what’s going on! What were you

trying to say?” That only made her cry even

more. I could hear her blowing her nose and

 sobbing. That had been possibly the most

heard noise of the day. All anyone did was cry.

 But I couldn’t just point fingers; I was the one

who had passed out.

“Hey, Zac, get me a pepper,” Ike called.

 I opened the fridge and looked around.

“All out!” I shouted back. I decided I’d try

 to play some video games. That always

 cleared my mind. Tay sat beside me as

 I plugged in the playstation 2.

“Can I join you?” he raised his eyebrows.

“Yeah, if you can handle getting whooped,”

 I chuckled. They all knew I could beat

 them, but they played me anyways.

As we battled and raced, I heard Ezra

wailing once again. Taylor started to get


“I’ll handle it,” I told him. As soon as I

opened the door, Ezra went silent.

“What’s goin on?” I looked at him. He

seemed so…innocent. He never had

any idea what was going on, so he hardly

 ever shook hands with real life. I couldn’t

 remember the last time things were like

 that for me. I sighed and picked him up.

“So I’m gonna be a dad soon, I guess.” I

looked down. Ezra was smiling back at me.

 “Being a dad would be great, I mean that’s

 something I’ve looked forward to…but

not with Kate. Why did this have to happen?”

 Why was I even bothering? He didn’t have

 any idea what in the world I was talking

 about. Even though he was over 2 years

old now, he wasn’t the best talker in the

world, so he couldn’t always comprehend

 everything right away.

“Mommy? Where is Mommy?” he begged.

 I shook my head. How could I expect a

toddler to listen to my problems? I set him

back in bed and left once more. Taylor was

 gone when I got back to where we’d been

 playing. “Hey, Zac,” Ike came in and threw

 himself on the now empty couch. Where

had Kate gone?

“Hey, we almost to the hotel?” I asked,

joining him on the couch.

“Dunno,” he replied, “But where is everyone?”

I shook my head. “Who knows?” He took a

 drink of his Dr. Pepper.

“Hey, where’d you find that? I thought we

were out?” I wanted to know. I could have

 sworn there were none in the fridge when

 I had looked.

“Found it in the very back, there’s one

more if you want it,” he announced. I nodded.

 “Maybe later,” I said as he turned the TV on.

 He flipped through the channels and

stopped on some comedy sitcom. I lay

my head on the pillows of the couch,

closing my eyes.

“You sure been sleeping a lot,” Ike commented.

 I sighed and got up to go get that last Dr.

Pepper. I reached in and found it, starting

 to walk back to the couch. But I stopped

 when I heard talking in the bathroom.

“Kate, you can’t do this to him. You just


“Why not?”

“He’ll find out eventually!”

“Yeah, but not soon enough! Now that

 he thinks I’m pregnant, he’ll have to

marry me. I’ll tell him about it in a few

weeks, after the wedding.”

“But Kate, you can’t just go around

pretending to be pregnant! You’re

tricking him into marrying you!”

“Oh, Natalie, please. You’ll understand


Suddenly the door opened, and out

walked Kate.

“Zac, I…how long have you been standing

 there?” Had I really just heard what I

thought I had heard?