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I m p r i s o n e d

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Chapter 7


 I went straight into the bathroom and

 slammed the door, locking it behind me.

 Kate was banging on the door.

“Wait, Zac! Can we please talk about this?!”

 she cried. I could hear Taylor softly ask her

 if they could talk in the other room, and then

 heard them leave. I turned and faced


“How long have you known?!” I screamed.

 How could she do this to me? Just keep it

 from me? I wondered if this whole thing had

 been planned for weeks. My mind was

going crazy – I didn’t know what to think!

 Natalie stared at the floor.

“She told me while you guys went to eat,”

 she confessed. I could feel my face getting

 hot, but then I realized something.

“Is that what you were trying to tell me in the

 room earlier?” I asked. She nodded, and

tears found their way down her face like

bullets. I put my hand over my forehead

 and sat on the cold, tile floor. I felt like

the biggest idiot in the world. Finding

this out was worse than when I thought

she was pregnant. I was so bewildered.

 This sure was one hell of a day. The

whole day had been drama, drama,


“Nat…I’m not mad at you. It’s not your

 fault,” I choked. That’s when I began to,

 yet again, feel my eyes well up with tears.

I ran out of the room and found Ike still sitting

 on the couch. He looked at me, his eyes

saying everything that needed to be said.

“Ike…I…I’m sorry…” I managed to get out.

I felt horrible. I should have known that

 if she had hurt Ike, she’d hurt me as well.

“What? No, are you kidding? Listen,

Zac…you can’t keep blaming yourself

for everything that happens lately. How

could you have seen this coming? Exactly,

 you couldn’t have. It happens, it’s ok.”

He sighed. “Today’s been rough, I know.”

 Suddenly the bus stopped…we had

arrived at the hotel. I forced myself up

 and grabbed my luggage, rushing off

the bus. Ike and Tay followed, then Natalie,

 with Kate slumping behind. Our bodyguards

 brought up the rear. When I got into

the room, I practically fell onto the bed,

 going into a fit of tears. Thank god I

was sharing this room with Tay and Ike,

 instead of Kate. She and Natalie were

bunking together, along with Ezra. Our

 bodyguards had a whole room to

themselves as well. At that moment,

 one of the bodyguards walked in.

“Sounds like there’s gonna be no show

 tonight, guys. It’s a good thing we chose

 a hotel outside of the city, because

Amsterdam’s blacked out.” He announced.

 I sighed in relief. There was no way I

was going to be able to do a show that


“I want Kate sent home.” I muttered.

“I’m not paying for her to stay here.” Ike

and Tay looked at each other.

“Come on,” Tay said, “Let’s go get some

 food.” I slipped on my jacket and we left

 the room.

“I’m gonna get Nat,” Taylor told us as he

 slipped into the girls’ room. I could hear

 Kate whine and beg to come. I prayed

 that he wouldn’t give in. But when the

door opened, it was just Taylor, Natalie, and Ezra.

 I’d have to remember to thank him for

that later. We decided on the restaurant in the lobby

of the hotel and went to get a table.

“Name?” the hostess asked.

“Taylor,” we all said. Just incase there

was a big group of fans, we didn’t want

Hanson being called out for all to hear.

I was definitely not in the mood to be

interrupted. I just wanted to eat like a

 normal person tonight.

“Alright and…there are 5 of you?” she

 asked as we all nodded. “Ok…and I’ll

 get you a highchair for the little one.”

She added. We sat down to wait. Within

 10 minutes we heard, “Taylor, party of 5?

 Taylor, party of 5, your table is available.”

 Standing up, we were greeted by a tall

waiter and led to a booth. I picked up the

 menu and looked at the food choices.

 Hmm, three cheese lasagna, chicken Alf

redo, ravioli, chicken Brian…I decided on

the latter. The waiter came back to take our

 drink order.

“Dr. Pepper,” we chorused.

“And, could you make mine a diet?”

Taylor smiled. “And I think we’re ready to

 order our food.” The waiter nodded and

 we all took our turns ordering different

types of Italian food with strange names.

 Our food came fast, and we ate that

way too. Once we were all done, we

didn’t really feel like sitting around, so

 we paid the bill and went back upstairs

 to our rooms. When we got back, I noticed

 an envelope on my bed. Oh, shit. Written in black

pen, the front read two words:  For Zac.