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I m p r i s o n e d

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Chapter 8


I thought about if I even wanted to know

 what the envelope contained. It was obvious

 enough who had put it there. I braced myself

 and slipped it open. Inside was a letter.


Dear Zac,

          I know you are upset, and you have

every reason to be. I don’t know what came

 over me, but I knew you were going to leave

 me any day. I was desperate to keep you

 at my side. You are everything to me,

Zac…and I feel horrible about all this. This

is the worst I’ve felt in my entire life. I know

that you probably never want to speak to

me again, but I don’t think that would be

good for either of us. Please meet me at

the Zirique Mexican Restaurant on 5th street

 so we can just talk about all this. And

afterwards, if you still don’t ever want to

 see me again, I’ll take all my things and

 leave. But please don’t give up on us

without trying. I am so sorry Zac…I hope

 you can find it in your heart to forgive me,

 I love you more than life itself. Please,

 just meet me tonight at 7:20, I’ll be waiting.

 But if you don’t show up, I’ll understand.





I glanced at the clock. 6:45. I wondered if I

should go. Part of me said that I should forget

 about it all, and just get her out of my life

as fast as possible.  But I also had my choice

 of words to say to her. I had a lot to get off

 of my chest after all she had put me

through today. I slipped my shoes on and

 put on my jacket, heading for the hotel

room door.

“I’ll be back, there’s something I gotta take

 care of,” I explained, and with that, I let the

 door shut behind me. I wasn’t even sure

where 5th street was, but by God I was gonna

 find it. After looking for about 20 minutes,

I finally stopped to ask for directions. I slipped

 inside a pool hall and asked the bartender

 if he knew.

“Oh, yeah, just turn the corner, go two blocks

and turn left, you can’t miss it.” He answered

happily. I smiled, thanking him, and took off

again. He was right, you couldn’t miss it. It

was pretty easy to find after a while. I felt

kind of stupid for having to ask where it was.

 Finally I saw the restaurant. My watch said

 7:30. Shit. Hopefully she was still there.

I stepped in, looking around. Suddenly

someone bumped into me.

“Sorry – Zac? You came!” it was Kate.

“Sit.” We slid into a nearby booth.

“I was just leaving…I didn’t think you would

show up,” she cried. I could hear the hopefulness

 in her voice. Did she really think everything

 was going to just go back to normal?

“Listen, Kate. I didn’t come here to beg you

 to stay. I know you’re sorry but…you really

 put me through a lot. I don’t even know

what to say to you. How could you do that

 to me?” I breathed. She looked down

and there was silence for a few minutes.

Finally she spoke up.

“I know, it’s just…I knew something was wrong,

 and I just couldn’t lose you. So I thought that…

if I pretended to be pregnant, you’d marry

me, and then…you wouldn’t leave me,

I just…I don’t know, I did it because…I love

 you, Zac!” Tears escaped her watery eyes

 and dropped into her dark, flowing hair.

 I sighed. Maybe coming there was a mistake.

“Kate, that doesn’t excuse it…I don’t think

 we should see each other for a while…

I think we need some space.” I declared.

 The tears fell faster and faster out of her


“No, Zac, I’m sorry! Please! Don’t leave me!”

she sobbed. Everyone in the room seemed

 to have all attention towards us. What, they’d

 never seen a break up before?

“I think you should go back to the U.S., Kate,”

 I decided. She was practically bawling by

now. She jumped out of her seat and

screamed, “I will never forgive you for this,

 Zachary Hanson! You’ll be sorry you ever

 gave me up!” And before I knew it, she

 had flown out of the door, running as fast

 as she could (which wasn’t particularly

fast, as I’ve mentioned before). As I

watched her leave, I hoped I’d made

 the right choice.